Seafood = Yum

Rochelle came over to help me celebrate some good news recently. Steamed lobster – only $8.99 per pound at Matt’s (574 Saratoga St, Cohoes, NY). Well, raw. I steamed it at home. Nom. Nothing says celebrate like lobster. And a big ole bottle of Cook’s to keep it classy.

I was going to chuck the green stuff out of the lobster’s body (after checking that no one wanted it!) and R was all “NOOOOO! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! THERE’S STILL MEAT IN THERE!” cause it looked like I was going to toss out the whole body. You know you’re in good company when someone shouts that (the company of seafood loving lobster non-wasters). And it sure looked like I was gonna toss out the delicious lobster body, too.

And bonus – it was a female! Red coral eggs yum.

Oh, and 50 clams and some spicy marinated squid (Albany John’s recipe). On the grill! Albany John was like “This is enough seafood to feed a small army… or two Asian women,” So right. We did some damned good damage. I think only one clam was left over. Maybe we forgot about it.

In sum – for tasty lobstrosities and clamosity, head to Matt’s in Cohoes. Such freshness!

  1. llcwine said:

    love Matt's…they have the best prices for the freshest seafood around. And the owner is one of the nicest people you can ever meet.

  2. Ah… so much good eating was done. I may have to go to Matt's really soon.

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