Dogfish Head Night @ The Ruck

On Friday (crap, or was it Saturday?) night, Albany John & I stopped by The Ruck for a quick beer. It was Dogfish Head night, meaning Victory Brewing Company Dogfish Head (thanks Fuj-y fuj!) took over the taps for the night. I was excited because there were three randalled beers to try. Randalls are these magical beer filter/infuser things that you can run a tap line through and you get additional flavors to your beer. There are better descriptions out there, but that was good enough for Albany John, who was like “Wait, Dogfish? And a contraption? Let’s go.”

When we got there, a few of the randalled beers were already gone, so we got a chicory kind of beer filtered through espresso. I was iffy on the bitterness of chicory (thinking of chicory greens), but oh man! This was like coffee chicory. And the espresso was an awesome pairing! And it was only $4 – totally cool.

The place was also packed with some chill folks of all ages. A lot of younger people, but a good mix of older folks as well.

We wanted to try one other beer, but Albany John came back with two, haha. “Um, I ordered and paid for these two, but I only asked for one… I’m not sure what these are.” Either way, the mystery beers were pretty good, though!
I want to hang out at The Ruck more often – it seems like a decent mix of relaxed folks & atmosphere. And lots of tasty beverages.

  1. the fuj said:

    Not Victory, Dogfish Head. The Victory signs are always there.

    I had a good time but was definitely, erm…worse for wear the next day.

  2. That is absolutely around the corner from my new place. We shall meet you there! (After we move.)

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