Henry’s in Waterford

I got a flyers advertising Henry’s Market in Waterford (42 Saratoga Ave), touting smoked meats. So in! It’s just a little further north of Cohoes after 787 ends. I think this place used to be a hot dog store before it was Henry’s.

It’s not as big as Roma’s. I was a little underwhelmed. None of the meats in the deli cases were covered, which meant for some really grey looking hamburgers, and some really dried out raw chickens.

The sausages looked pretty decent. It seems like there was a lot of extra air space. I don’t think Roma’s covers their meats either, but they don’t have issues with dried out meats like at Henry’s. Albany John mentioned something to someone behind the counter, and they were just like “Oh. Yeah.”

They had some desserts and smoked cheeses. Mmmm, smoked cheeeese.

Here is the smoked section. Oh, and some raw stuff too. The organization could use a little bit of improvement. Maybe. The sausages here looked REALLY dried out and unappetizing. Some things were vacuum sealed.

I love smoke, so we decided to get a little bit of food to try out. I wasn’t really impressed with a lot of the store’s presentation of meats (c’mon, it’s meat! treat it with some respect! don’t let it get all sad and dried out. do people buy meat that’s really dried out on the exterior?).

Ham steak, and some smoked cheese. I think it was gouda. The gouda was… not so good-a. A little too soft and mushy. Not a lot of smoky flavor.

Here’s the ham steak. It was pretty tasty, but I would have liked a little extra smoke in there.

So, the ham was okay. Henry, maybe you could check with Roma about how to keep your meat from drying out on the exterior. I can only imagine it would help sales and bring you more money. This is coming from someone who walks into Rolf’s Pork Store thinking “Okay. I’ll just get one kielbasa for my picnic of 3 people.” and then walks out with $30 in various delicious meats.

  1. llcwine said:

    try the Rte 66 market on Rte 66 in Wynantskill, I believe they are somewhat related to Henry's but I enjoyed their meat more than Henry's.

  2. the fuj said:

    The one thing I really do enjoy about Henry's is their meat plans. It's a ridiculously good deal:

    Ends up being $3-4 lb an totally worth it.

    I was just at Roma yesterday picking up stuff for today's BBQ and EVERYTHING was covered. Definitely not at Henry's.

    I'm still looking forward to The Meathouse opening up in Stuyvesant Plaza.

  3. speshulk99 said:

    So, self anointed food guru, methinksthat in the proper setting, you could wreck a business with your observations. 20something chickie think about that in the future!!!!

  4. Tim in Waterford said:

    I haven't tried all of their sausages yet, but the chicken mesquite sausage was disappointingly dried out. I am quite fond of their andouille sausage, though. The regular sweet and hot sausages are decent.

    Their burgers are rather good. They usually have plain, bacon cheddar, and bleu cheese peppercorn. Right now they also have a “surf and turf” burger that has chunks of crab meat in it.

    I don't have much to say about the chicken other than that it's decent for the price. They have all sorts of marinated chicken plus plain old chicken for the unadventurous.

    I second “the fuj”'s comment about the meat plans. If you have the freezer space, it's a good deal.

    Like any meat market worth its salt, they do corned beef for St. Patrick's Day. They're a bit more expensive than the supermarkets, but the quality is better too.

    In the cold cuts section, they don't have as much of a selection as the supermarkets or even a place like Fred the Butcher, but it tends to be a decent value, plus they smoke some of their own deli meats. (They had Boars Head when they first opened but it was quickly phased out.) Their baked ham is to die for, and while they don't have pastrami listed on the board, if you ask they might have some hidden away. Land O' Lakes American cheese was $3.99/lb last time I checked. Oh, and don't forget to have them slice you up a pound of their smoked bacon. Yum!

  5. llcwine – yum, I liked their burgers!

    fug – woah, that is cheap!

    speshulk99 – I have no intention of wrecking a business. My intentions are for making local businesses better. I saw some consumer-observed problems with the biz, and posted suggestions for how they could improve.

    Tim in Waterford – cool. an eggplant sausage looked promising. Thanks for the to-try tips. I'll have to return to try the bacon and corned beef. Mmm!

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