Strawberry Picking at Indian Ladder Farms

This weekend I celebrated my mom’s birthday by taking her to Indian Ladder Farms in Altamont for their Pick Your Own Strawberries. My sister mentioned she wanted to go, so we planned on Saturday. Except it rained and poured and almost all morning long Saturday, and all of the farms were closed. I got confused since I was up at the ass-crack of dawn (I.E. before 10 am) and thought Indian Ladder was closed when it was actually Altamont Orchard that was closed. Either way, my mom and sister called them up and they were open.

And we. were. going.

In the rain?? But it’s raining.

Yes, in the rain.

Ok, mom.
Here’s a picture of my sister hopping in the fields. It wasn’t raining when we got in. You buy the quart containers at the farm shop ($2.95 for this season) and go out to the strawberry picking area and… pick strawberries. And presumably gorge yourself on nibbling strawberries while picking them, too.

Goodness, you would have thought my mom and sister were professional strawberry pickers because they were out there like it was their job, and it was busy season, and they had a quota to meet. I was a total wuss and hopped in the car after pouring rain poured harder and soaked through my raincoat and all over my clothes. BBrrrrr… cold wet Albany Jane!

Here is what the strawberry plants look like. They are a lot smaller than strawberries you get at the grocery store. I’ve never picked strawberries before, and only really seen them decoratively in other peoples’ gardens. They’re about the size of a cotton ball. But they’re rather sweet and delicious. And when you get one that’s redder than a ruby it’s perfectly sweet, floral, and tart all at once. How have I gone my whole life not eating strawberries like this ALL OF THE TIME?

Strawberries were my favorite fruit growing up. There’s a VHS somewhere of me at my 2nd or 3rd birthday party. My mom made some kind of cake and this massive strawberry that was bigger than my toddler-sized fist was slapped on top of the frosting in the front (as a centerpiece I suppose). I wanted that strawberry. I NEEDED that strawberry. You KNOW I threw a fit until I got that strawberry. To be honest, I can’t say I wouldn’t behave similarly now.

So twee! So perfectly cute and warm and summery. If my body were made out of food, I think my heart would be made of a strawberry. I implore you to go out and pick some strawberries if you get a chance this season. I think some orchards (Altamont?) are going to be open some weeknight evenings, and they’re all open on the weekends. Some charge by the pound, and some charge by container. Usually around $2-3 per pound or quart. It’s totally fun and DELICIOUS! It’s also mom-approved.

Cherries are next!

Oh, and HAAPPYYY BIRTHDAY, MA! (She hate it when I call her Ma, ha ha)

  1. I want to have strawberry plants like that at my disposal when I have a place to plant them. Until then, I suppose Strawberry Picking it is for me!

    You're a trooper.

  2. We might go this weekend. We went the past two years (in the comparatively deep south) and had a blast. One for me, one for the basket. Best to follow this up by going to a winery, or maybe just drinking wine at home? Gotta go rsvp to nomfest.

  3. jess said:

    I always go to Stanton's Feura Farms out Route 32 just because it's near where my parents lived, until recently.The past few years, it's definitely poured while I was picking but there's something kind of fun about it to me.

  4. josie said:

    Do they have cider donuts yet?

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