Another One Joins the Fam

Welcome to the family, Maka! The woman I call my “sister” is now officially my sister. Maka and my bro-in-law CVS were married this past weekend in an awesome ceremony.

They’ve got a good sense of humor, no?

We went to Catherine’s in Goshen, NY for a rehearsal dinner Mama & Papa Amherst threw on Friday night. (Dear waitress, thanks for putting up with one of the fussier groomsmen). Shitty pics on my part, but tasty food. Coconut shrimp. I ate an entire platter of them myself. SO THEY WOULDN’T GO TO WASTE!

Albany John and I sat with Maka’s friends from Miami, an awesome couple with an equal eye for food. I liked them. I cannot match their espresso love, but I can admire it from a distance.


Maka’s hair looking awesome. Girlie time: She’s got enviable hair. It holds a curl like nothing else. And very voluminous. Beautiful bride, from the hair alone. Hands down gorgeous from the face side.
“What’s up with the deodorant in the picture?” Albany John asked.

I don’t think you can see my face in this picture. If you can, sorry for turning your face to stone. I took a semi-cocktailified faux artsy pic of the pretty dress Maka picked out for us bridesmaids (Or, as Albany John kept reminding me “Honey, you’re the MATRON of honor. Not a maid. MATRON”), which evidently made the camera look like a stick of deodorant.

Nommy cake, pretty flowers! Oh yeah, the ceremony was nice too. Even though I’m married in to the groom’s side, I sat on the bride’s side because of the whole matron of honor thing. Rather ironic considering I have very little honor. Any way, one of her uncles was behind me for the whole ceremony who was a laugh a minute. Maka wanted a sage burning, and her uncle was like “Yeah, yeah Rev, breathe it in, it’s great!” Maybe you had to be there. But it was funny.

P.S. Maka – Aunt Cali and I totally tried a wee finger of icing before you served it. Quality Analysis, I assure you. And it passed. Yes, I have the control of a 2 year old.

Lemony vanilla-y cake.

I also found a plate of dessert on each table. Which I totally commandeered for myself. Plate of tasty desserts, HELLO!

You know you’re in a fun wedding when the bride’s father chides at you for going to bed (aka bitching out) at 2 am. What can I say, I am a sleeper.

Also, the next morning I had a breakfast of bacon, sausage, 2 poached eggs, perfect hash browns, and another plate of bacon & sausage. And OMG, I love Hilton hotels. It’s going to make it REALLY hard to stay in Motel 8s from here on out. Then then Albany John and I drove the bride, groom, and a groomsman down to Queens. OMG, craptacular traffic! But it was so fun to spend more time with them! And show one of the groomsmen NYC traffic. And NY driving (hey, I didn’t hit anyone or give anyone whiplash). I also learned that I need to limit myself to one 5-hour energy drink per day, otherwise I will have a 3 day energy drink hangover. Oof. I am not good with stimulants.

Congrats CVS & Maka! And now I have a whole other set of inlaws^2! Yay for inlaw-inlaws!

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