Phairhead Gets Married

Congrats to my blogging sistren Phairhead, who got hitched to her main squeeze, SexyBeast!

She was generous enough to invite Albany John and me to their nuptials.
At The Stockade Inn in Schenectady. Nice location, and even a non-Schenectadite like myself could easily find the location.

It was a fun ceremony – short and sweet, with awesome colors and decor. The Stockade is a multi-use facility, which meant for a very short commute to the reception 😉

Pretty flowers! Awesome appetizers, too! I loved the table set-up, so you could mingle with other people (Alb John & I are minglers), and how it passed the (deliciously open) bar.
Phair, I forget what you called these things, but they were like M&Ms, only a bit larger and flatter and tasted like mint! Albany John opened his chair-shaped box as soon as we sat down and was like “OH. OH. These are GOOD.” He made sure I remembered to bring our boxes home when we left. I think the man’s got a new addiction.

Oh, and her mom made ALL of the desserts. And they were awesome.

Prime ribbity rib for dinner! Alas, I was bested by this sizable hunk of beef, but not for lack of trying.

Oh, and P was awesome at sat us at a table with some other local bloggers, haha! I was so happy to be included in P’s special day – I never thought that when I first met her I’d one day be at her wedding! I’m so amazed at how having a little blog can make such great friendships that allow me to meet such wonderful people.

Congrats you two, many wishes for a long and happy life together!

1 comment
  1. AJ: you were the best guests ever!!! you and husbear are amazing 😀

    Does my back look fat in that picture?

    the candies are called lentils….nom nom nom

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