In case you didn’t know, there have been some fairly recent resto changes in downtown Troy. The place that used to be… the place that some of the guys from Badass Burrito owned is now Broadway Brew. And the place that used to be the Golden Fox is now Bootlegger’s. Albany John and I were in Troy late-ish one evening, and you know what? The pickings for something other than pizza are kinda slim. So we hit up Bootlegger’s for some food.

And I had a Powers whiskey and club soda to start. This was a small. $9. Eh… Not so crazy about that price, but it’s basically like a small double anywhere else. It’s cheaper than Jameson (retail), but way less bite in terms of flavor. One of Albany John’s friends introduced me to it, and… yum. Glad to see it available in a bar, even if it’s a bit on the pricier side.

If you can’t tell, Bootlegger’s also has free popcorms. Mmmm! Tastiness!

Albany John got some kind of turkey sandwich with sweet potato fries. It was okay, nothing to write home about, but they do tout that the turkey is roasted in-house.

I got an anemic looking crock of French onion soup. It was okay, but I like my cheese with a little more char to it. The broth tasted canned/boxed. Eh. S’okay. Not great.

Okay, so it was typical bar food. Not awful, but I’m probably not gonna be like “OH! We should SO go to Bootlegger’s for dinner.” Although I’m sure if I’m drunk and hungry I’ll be all over some fried bar food. It’s good for drunk food.

However, the service is quite nice. I wasn’t wowed by the food on this one visit, but loved the service. I’ve been back for some drinks and darts a few times and it has been good. Bootlegger’s is definitely a bar and not a bar+food place for me. One of the bartenders (I want to say Pierre) has consistently impressed me with his professionalism and niceness. It’s never been too crazy when I’ve gone, and always a fairly relaxed crowd.

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