Veev Acai drink sampling at Ruby Tuesday

Somehow Daniel B. and I were invited to try VeeV acai vodka through a promotional company. At Ruby Tuesday. I was kind of like “Eh, really? Ruby Tuesday?” But Daniel was all in for it, so I was super rude and didn’t mention I was going to be there and just glommed on with him for the tasting. So I guess Ruby Tuesday is featuring some cocktails with VeeV acai liquor in it. I’m all for trying new things.

Their cocktails run from about $5-7. Not too bad, considering that many of them are hand made and muddled at the bar. My last impression of the ‘Tues was of a crappy burger joint. This current impression was more like a nicer Red Robin.

But any way, what did we drink? Well, Daniel is much better with details and names and such. Although I think our fun bartender was Heidi.

But we had (Clockwise from top):

Skinny Pink Acai Lemonade ($5) – eh, okay. Pretty boring in terms of flavor, and the diet lemonade has a bit of a fakey aftertaste and syrupy/cloying texture. But, it’s under 150 calories. So you can drink on the low-cal.

Acai Mojito – FAVORITE of the night. This is actually a drink that might bring me back in to a Ruby Tuesday. When I was drinking it I was like “Woah. This is good. Wait. And I’m drinking this in a Ruby Tuesday? What?” I believe it usually goes for $6, which is a really fair price for all the muddling work that goes into it, plus the spearmint. Daniel B and I were there on one incredibly sweltering night, and this was the perfect drink for such summer temperatures. The Profussor also found this to be his standout drink, and we were both surprised we actually agreed on something.

Superfruit Cooler – (VeeV Acai Spirit, Absolut Berri Acai Vodka, Elderflower Liqueur, fresh cucmber, organic agave nectar) this was my second favorite, and if it weren’t so hot, probably would have been my first favorite. The St Germain (elderflower liqueur) made it a bit on the sweeter side. Although after thinking for a moment, it kind of resembled a watermelon jolly rancher. Good stuff though, although it wouldn’t hurt to cut this with some club soda and extra lime in a taller glass.

Watermelon Martini – (VeeV, Grey Goose, fresh watermelon, cranberry juice, watermelon concentrate) $7. Freshly muddled, it was pretty refreshing, although would have been even more so with some fresh lime in it. Not bad, and I kind of want some of the watermelon concentrate for my own bar (sugar, watermelon, a few preservatives, yum).

Overall, I thought VeeV was fine as a new flavored liquor, much like pomegranate was a few years ago. It was a fairly mild and innocuously flavored spirit, and had more of a bitter/bland/sweet profile that worked best with tart/sour flavors.

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