Do you know about Bob’s? If you don’t, now you do. Bob’s is located at 929 19th Street, Watervliet, NY (AKA, Route 2 in Watervliet). Bob’s is awesome. Why? Because not only is it open 24/7, 365, but they serve awesome food on the cheap, and they accept credit cards. Say whut? Yeah, I thought so.

Their menu is purely delicious diner food. I’ve been a few times and… LURVE. Lurve, I say. LURVE! Nommy hash browns, decently cooked eggs, and crispy hash.

My girlfriend and I decided that we needed a gut busting & greasy breakfast one weekend morn/afternoon. I think I got the Hash Hound for $8.95, and she got the Lumberjack for $7.95. The lumberjack (background) comes with pancakes or french toast, choice of meat, toast, three eggs, and hash browns. Epic meal, and one she couldn’t finish. SHEESH, GIRLIE!

The Hash Hound comes with a ton of hash, toast, hashbrowns, three eggs, and pancakes or french toast. Their pancakes are SO FLUFFY!!! SO FLUFFY AND GOOD!

Albany John was the dainty one and only ordered a short stack (something like $2-3 for three pancakes). He was sad that they only had the fakelsyrup, but instead slathered his ‘cakes with jam. I didn’t think they needed much aside from butter.

Coffee’s like $1.50 for a bottomless cup. If they’re busy, sometimes it’s hard to flag the waitresses down for a refill. Decent cup o’ diner Joe, though.

The hash had a good amount of crispness to it, but usually it has more when I get it. You could probably split this dish with someone and supplement it with a side or two. It’s a lot of food for a special plate.

Go to BOB’S! It is such good diner food!

  1. the fuj said:

    Manory's > Bob's. Yeah, I just said it.

  2. I've still yet to go to Bob's, but I was not impressed with Manory's. At all.

    When it comes to cheap diner breakfast Dewey's, Dan's Place Two, Peter Pause and a whole host of other joints blow Manory's out of the water.

  3. zyum.

    Pancake craving be damned, I want just one diner in the area to make non-canned hash. I will go there every day.

  4. llcwine said:

    also try the Hilltop over in Hilltop plaza, up the hill on Rt 2 just before you get to K-Mart's another good place with decent prices…

  5. hmm…that photo looks pretty delicious. Price is good as well. Will check it out sometime. Thanks for the info!

  6. Frank said:

    I've run past this place nearly every day since I moved here – it looked decent enough but I'm quite glad it's not overly creepy inside.

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