Sushi X

Have you been to Sushi X Lounge yet? I was talking with a girlfriend I hadn’t seen in years, and she mentioned that she was going to Sushi X in Latham with some friends one night and that I should join them. HECK YES!

It’s where a Chinese buffet used to be (710 New Loudon Rd, Latham, NY), and they too have an All You Can Eat theme. However, you can also order items ala carte, if you’d so desire. For weekends it’s $21.99 per person, and $19.99 on weekdays for the AYCE option. It looks like they are part of a small chain in the northeast, with three other locations in New England.

We got to sit in the VIP area (behind a few strings of lights), and it did foster a bit of privacy. There are also a bunch of tables, and a sushi bar as well. They’ve got a ton of electric lights all over the place, giving it a lounge-y kind of feel. I liked it. Didn’t feel like you were in some cheapie buffet, you know?
There is also a purely bar area up front. A buffet with booze! I don’t see that very often. They were running a buy-one-get-one special for cocktails that night ($9 each), but I had my eyes on the prize: sushi. Maybe I’ll try some drinks next time.

They have a fairly large menu to choose from. Some hot and cold appetizers as well as sushi rolls. You can just order sushi, but if you also order appetizers, it comes out quicker than the sushi, so you’re not starving waiting for them to roll your fish. I was glad I was with a fairly large group, ’cause we pretty much ordered one of everything.

Service was also surprisingly on-point. Mostly staffed/run by Asian peeps, I think a lot were Chinese. Yet all of the dishes were Japanese, and all executed quite well. Better than I thought a sushi buffet would be. It’s all made-to-order. For some reason, I was thinking sushi buffet = so-so fish, and some crappy half-assed-cooked regular dishes. I’ve never been happier to be wrong.

Personally, I liked that you got small plates of appetizers. Meant we could try more. Above are some cream cheese wontons, chicken tempura (good for kiddos), and rock shrimp. You can skip the cheese wontons (unless you’re prego or something and REALLY craving them), but deffo get the rock shrimp. It’s coated in a slightly spicy sauce, but the breading is crunchy and the shrimp aren’t overcooked. We got two orders!
Shrimp tempura and beef ribs (kalbi kind of cut). Tempura were okay, I’d skip the beef ribs next time. Not that they were bad. Nothing was bad, just so many more high ticket and tastier items to order instead.
Spicy yellowtail app. I didn’t even try this – the coins of jalapenos atop the raw yellowfish served as my “Albany Jane don’t eat this or you will ruin the rest of your dinner” warning. But the heat hounds in our group really liked this.

Tuna tartare, and seaweed salad. Woah, I was so surprised by this plating! Yes, I’m sure it’s a resto technique to make you think you’re getting a lot, but it was quite a lot of tuna (even if it had some panko mixed in – GF friends, don’t order this), and the presentation was better than many restaurants I’ve ordered ala carte from.

I ate this by myself – so good! Order, like, 5 of these!

Grilled squid. The tentacles even got a nice crispy char to it. Mmmm!
Seared tuna – this was at least 2 orders. I just liked the effort they put into the presentation! So much on the menu for $21.99 per person!

More apps – some shu mai and dumplings, more rock shrimp and beef ribs.
AND a BOATLOAD OF SUSHI!! BOAT OF MY DREAMS! This friend is one of the ones who turned me into a bit of a sushi addict. We’d never had the boat, so we were so excited to have it!

And guess what? THe sushi was actually REALLY good. Like, way better than some restaurants in the area, good.

There were even some soy paper rolls (the green and pink covered ones above) and you could request your own kind of rolls. But their specialty rolls were cutely named, and well portioned. Not too heavy on the rice or skimpy on the raw fish. Spider rolls (soft shell crab!), salmon sashimi, and nigiri sushi galore!

  1. I really like this place. I've been telling people they need to check it out.

    Oh and rock shrimp is so freakin' good.

  2. Wendy said:

    My husband and I were regulars. We had a bad experience there thurs night. Check it out on my blog.

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