Giveaway: 2 Tickets to the NYS Fair

Have you ever been to the New York State Fair? It’s held August 25th – September 5th in Syracuse, NY. The NYS Fair wants you to come, and they’re giving away two tickets that you can win!

This weekend I was talking with someone who was well familiar with the NYS fair, having grown up going to it just about every year. Though I grew up in NY, I’ve never been to the State Fair. I imagine my mom’s side of the family would enjoy going, since there are livestock shows. We hail from dairy folk, and there’s even a Dairy Day (August 29th, if you’re so inclined).

There are bunch of free acts to see, ranging from that Buddy dude from Cake Boss to Gym Class Heroes, and even the Pointer Sisters. Plus, you know, rides, and food, and awesomeness and such.

Kids 12 and under are free, so if you’re a family with some wee ones, this could mean free entry. Not too shabby.

If you wanna win two tickets and a parking pass:

Comment to win. If you tweet this link &/or put up a blog post, add the links as extra comments/entries. So you can technically enter 3 times.

Please comment with a valid email address.

You will be asked for your address. If I get this out in time, you’ll have tickets mailed to you, if not, you’ll get will call tickets to pick up when you get there.

This is open to anyone who wants to go there. Live in Buffalo? Awesome, enter. If you live in Western Mass and feel an urge to go NYS Fair-ing, type away!

Comments will be closed and giveaway over tomorrow night, whenever I go to bed. Or reeeallly early on Friday morning. At the very least you’ve got a solid 24 hours.

CLOSED: Congrats to L!

  1. I've never been to a state fair before. County fairs all the time. Free tickets would certainly provide a great excuse for a big car trip.

  2. Emily said:

    I grew up in the Syracuse area, but haven't been to the fair in years! I hope they still have the 25 cent Byrne Dairy chocolate milk over by the butter sculpture…sooo gooood.

  3. Alex said:

    I love the fair but wish it was cheaper. My favorite memory is the Guy doing the robot dressed as Dracula on top of the haunted house. Random!

  4. You have to go! (Daniel, that's for you, too.) It's so much fun, and there's so much yummy food (including some stuff that's regional that you can't get out here… mmm, coneys.)

  5. The NYS Fair is awesome! I had my picture taken with a seal once there!

  6. Lorraine bivens said:

    I would love to go but money just is it there at this time so am trying to in ticket to go plus money if there is any so I can take my child plus my self just to have something to do before school sets up again pleas pick me to win

  7. Lorraine bivens said:

    Need some spell check money is not there aim trying to win the free ticket to the syracuse Ny state fair for me and my child so I need to win 2 tickets to go and a little of money if that is in the contest to so again please pick me to win them

  8. Lorraine. Bivens said:

    It is me again my email is so email if I won the ticket Lorraine bivens in Oswego Ny 13126

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