Jarritos Cola

This post brought to you by Jarritos & Albany John. Partially ’cause it was taking me forever and a day to actually get around to opening the promo bottle of Jarritos’ new Mexican Cola, but also because the man loves his sodas.

There is nothing quite like a nice cold soda on a hot day in august.

That being said, the allure of a soda is lost on one albany jane.

Albany Jane is not one who has “guest posters” on her blog. That being

said she knows I embrace beverages with a vigor most men reserve for

sports teams, poker, dogs, or old cars.

Jarritos. This is what a sody pop is supposed to be. There was one

Jarritos mexican cola sitting in the back of the fridge. Beverages are

meant to be drank but apparently this soda belonged to the internets,

and could not be consumed without an accompanying blow by blow

account of its faults and glories.

Some soda is too carbonated for me. I have been accused in the past of

leaving bottles of carbonated beverages uncapped slightly in the

fridge. This particular soda still has enough fizz in it to make the

satisfying “pssshhht” when the cap is opened, but not enough to induce


The flavor is somewhat less like a coke or pepsi cola, more like what

you’d imagine an old time soda from a soda jerk would be. Think like

a sarsaparilla or a cream soda without the sarsaparilla or cream soda

flavor. The bottle advertises 100% natural sugar. I like sugar.

Nothing wrong with that. I’m not going to get into the whole “whether

hfcs is bad for you” issue, I’m on the side that you should eat what

you like if you can deal with the politics. I like sugar. I wish maple

sugar tasted good in soda, but unfortunately I’ve never seen a

beverage containing it to test the theory. I also think that sodas

feel different when you drink them if they have sugar rather than

hfcs, less syrupy/less viscous.

If you grew up on coke or pepsi, and that’s what you think a cola

should taste like then you might not be a big fan of Jarritos. I mean

expectations of nostalgia rank up there pretty high when it comes to

food or drinks. I was raised in a household of hydrox cookies and rc

cola, so I’m not really bound to a nostalgia for a particular kind of

soda. We made our own root beer and sarsaparilla as a kid. My

brother’s favorite flavor was birch beer.


Albany John

Albany Jane here: I thought it was okay, but a little heavy on the warmer flavors. Then again, I’m a Coke Zero kind of gal. Also, how can anything top Jarrito’s guava soda??
  1. heh heh….sody pop….that makes me smile šŸ˜€

  2. Anonymous said:

    I'm partial to the tamarind myself.

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