YehYeh’s 80th Birthday

I didn’t do the best job of photo-documenting the food of my Yeh-Yeh’s 80th birthday weekend. But let me tell you, I’d never have it any other way, ’cause I focused tons of the people with me. Namely that goofy-eyed little hellion above. Well, the smaller one more than the bigger one.

Bro, Margarita, and Baby Dubs (bro & BD above) flew up from Mississippi to celebrate. Baby Dubs was a little fussy around Chinese food (must’ve inherited that from my side of the family. My sibs & I were cheeseburger kids…). Here he is eating vanilla ice cream at the Flushing Mall food court.

We went to this place near my YehYeh’s place for dinner the night before. I think it was called Jin Cheng on Roosevelt Ave. Now I know why he walks to his beloved Mellie’s so much. This place wasn’t bad… but compared to Mellie’s it wasn’t great either.

The food was fine. The service was bad. Even for a Chinese restaurant (more on that in a second). Slow, slow, SLOW to have the food come out, and there weren’t even that many people in the dining room. Like, 20-30 minutes for the chicken to come out. And it was a little greasy.

Above are some plates of Mapo Dofu, lamb & veggie, and I think duck tongues on the right (deep fried). Albany John & Bro loved the duck tonguies. Bleh, no thanks for me!

Some sweet and sour pork, so-so fried rice. Dishes were okay, but a lot were on the American side of things.

Here’s the chicken that took forever to come out. Just okay. Nothing I’d go back for again when there are so many better places in Flushing to eat at.

And soon enough it was Yeh-Yeh’s birthday celebration! Here’s my very beautiful sister dancing with the birthday boy. He was rocking out all night!

The dinner party was held at Grand Restaurant (3rd Floor of the New World Mall on Main Street). Their Yelp reviews aren’t that great, but trust me, it was an awesome time. We had a small banquet rooms with 4 tables all to ourselves, and the food came out piping hot. And TONS of it. Lots of seafood. Seafood everywhere.

Abalone & Sea Cucumber for one course. Walnut shrimp was another (best walnut shrimp I’ve ever had, and I usually really don’t like this dish coz of all the mayo – but this was lightly creamy in a good way, and the walnuts were perfectly candied, and the shrimp perfectly fried and SO huge). Naturally, we had some lobster. And chicken. And whole fish. And fried rice. And mango pudding dessert (I ate like three cups of them – never had that before and I want to eat it all the time now! SO GOOD and refreshing).

Mama and Papa Amherst joined us for the festivities, and after the app courses were done, they were like “Wait, how much more is there?”. TONS MOAR!

Wine, and drunk karaoke (by my uncle and dad’s buddies), some dancing, and a very touching speech by my dad. Connecting with cousins I hadn’t seen in a while. Cake. YehYeh’s German friend spilling wine on the cake. Noming cake. Bro finding a suit jacket on the side of the road and wearing it in (dude, I refuse to believe you paid for that thing).

At some point we also went to some beer place in Rego Park with my siblings-in-law, Maka & CVS.

They had these fried coins of freshly sliced jalapenos and other spicy pepper things. Kind of a russian roulette of “am I going to need to chug my drink?”

Fried pierogies were okay, but gummy on the inside.

Not a big fan of the way they pour drinks – refilling with the same glass and letting the beer go over the tap = breeding ground for germ cross contamination.

The morning after the party… or maybe the next day… we went back to Grand Restaurant for dim sum. I guess that they cost a lot more (almost 2x as much) as Mellie’s, but oh man…

Any way, I loved how big and full of shrimp the har gow were here. They might be pricey, but they were worth it.

Spare ribs and black bean sauce in the center & left bowls. Pig intestine in the right bowl. Not a big fan of the pig intestine – it’s kind of… pungent, lol.

NOM, CHOW FUN! Margarita and I could eat a plate of these ourselves, so great is our love of this dish.

Got a plate of 3 dan tats on da house ’cause they remembered my dad from the night before. Mmm, hot & flaky.

This was a great trip for everyone. First time YehYeh got to meet his great grand son in person. Family, food, good times.

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  1. Third Auntie said:

    Happy 80th birthday to your YehYeh! That looked like a really great party. Love the look on his face while dancing with your sister. So cute! I agree with you about the mayo sauce. So non-Chinese, I can't ever eat it.

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