Gluten Free "pizza"

Okay, so this isn’t legit NY style pizza. Or really even pizza per se, but for what it was, it was tasty, especially if you like cauliflower. And you can feed it to your celiac friends without worrying that you’re going to internally maim them. I haven’t really been feeling gluten-y carbs lately, so I based my recipe loosely off of this recipe I found from Sleep Love Eat.

Gluten-Free Cauliflower Pizza Ingredients:

Half a head of cauliflower, blanched/lightly boiled and then mashed/pureed

salt, pepper,
garlic powder, onion powder
romano/parmesan cheese

veggies, toppings as you see fit.

So, cook your cauliflower in some boiling water and mash/puree. If you like it chunkier, just mash it. If you like it smoother then puree it.

Add some seasonings to it. Whatever makes you think “pizza”. I liked oregano and garlic/onion powder with some salt and pepper. You can toss in some egg if you feel like it to bind, but it’s up to you.

Put some parchment paper over a baking/cookie sheet and smooth the cauliflower puree over it. Bake at 400F for 30 minutes until it starts sticking together and looking like a solid substance for pizza toppings. Then add some more toppings and bake for 20 more minutes. Or until it looks good to you. Whatever.

Here’s what the underside of the “pizza” should look like if you’ve cooked it long enough. I wanted to cook it long enough to get a good amount of char on the bottom so I could eat it like an actual pizza and not just “stuff on top of baked cauliflower paste”

Okay, so you might be like “Albany Jane, how can you call yourself a New Yorker and say this is pizza?!” and I’ll be all like “Whatever, it’s tasty. Call it a reeeaaallllyyyyy thin cauliflower gratin with toppings if you don’t like the ‘pizza’ moniker.”

If you want to lower the water content of the pizza, bake your tomato slices and whatever other veg has some water in it so it’s just a wee bit roasted, then slap it on the surface of your tasty cauliflower pizza type substance.

  1. wow! I'm impressed with how “solid” the cauliflower crust came out. I agree that it might need a new name, but it definitely looks tasty.

  2. Kate Dye said:

    Fantastic! Thanks for spreading the GF word!

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