Red Front & Cotton Candy Ice Cream

Hallo! Would you like a taste of my cotton candy ice cream? (just look at the smile on my chubby cheeks – of course you do!) Strap in, because we’re on a whirlwind trip around Troy.

It all started when Daniel B and the FUSSYlittleCHILDREN (not at all fussy, btw) were gonna meet up at Pig Pit in Cohoes, but then it turned out the Pig Pit was closed for vaycay the one week we ended up going (I have very good timing like that – they’re open now) so we had to come up with another place to eat.

Wait, let’s check out Red Front. Bastion of Troy dining. This place is a hidden gem of old skool Troy dining. I love their pizza and have only ever gotten take out. Why not check out what dining in is like?

They have a TON of off street parking. It’s in the section of Troy downtown that’s all one-way streets, so make sure you map this out before you go. You can sit in the bar area, or go in the dining area.

Albany John was teaching Young Master Fussy how to gamble on the video lottery numbers games (sorry, Mrs. Fussy…). Pick 10, or something like that. He always wins when he gambles, so… I can’t really bitch about that. Well, I can, but I’m not that horrible of a wife. Yet.

The Profussor ordered an 8 slice Cheese On Bottom pizza. I still think that style is kind of gross, but whatever. ANY WHO. Lemme tell you about what you want to order:

Regular square-slice pizza! Look at that bottom crust. I thought the take out pizza from Red Front was good, but it’s even better when you dine in! Crispy crunchy edges and pillowy soft dough. Mmmm.

Lookie all that nommy pizza! 10 slices O’ Cheese, please! The only downside is that this type of pizza has a VERY short half-life, so you should eat it within 45 minutes, or else the dough will get gummy.

I’d been craving eggplant parm, so we got an order of that, too. It came with pasta (okay, but nothing crazy) on the side. $10-11 for this order. Very manageable and tasty portion for the price. The thin slices of eggplant were fried to a nice crispy-crunchy texture, not at all bitter, and not really greasy for something that’s fried.

Totally hit the parm spot.

We ordered a ton of food and it was just a little over $40 for the lot of us.

Then we went to Snowman for ice cream. The Profussor needs to learn that whatever ice cream he orders for the kiddos is going to be secondary to whatever ice cream I order. As a bonus, I always have someone to finish the ice cream I can’t when the Fussy Little Children are around.

Cotton Candy hard ice cream for the win! This was a small – $2.15 – crazy! It’s got tons of rainbow sprinkles mixed in the ice cream. 2 out of 2 fussy little children agree it is awesome!
  1. I love the Red Front! Last week, I took my son and “lady friend” their for pizza (neither of them had been) and they loved the pizza.

    The ice cream looks great too!

  2. grace said:

    is there any combination of foods that takes one back to her childhood more than pizza and ice cream? i think not.

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