Saratoga Wine, Food, & Ferrari Festival 2011

Yesterday I went to the Saratoga Wine, Food, & Ferrari Festival. I attended last year as part of a live blogging to do. This year was a lovely day to attend – great weather.
Albany John was wonderful enough to accompany me to take all of these great photos.

Albany John got a kick out of seeing a little red set of luggage come out of the boot of one of the vintage cars.

This was my favorite table – truffle cheese! So good, even Albany John liked it! And it turns out that Daniel B. sort of had a connection with the owners!
Hudson Valley Whiskey. Here’s one of the very nice owners adding a touch of water to my single malt whiskey.
Putnam’s chef making sure everything was all set with their dish before the masses came. ‘Twas a lovely pork loin seared right there, with a side of baked beans and a lovely reduction.
Oh, there was also wine. Lots and lots of wine. You pick up a glass when you first walk in, and then refill it and rinse it out throughout the day.
One of the chefs at Prime’s table. Their presentation was one of the best, if not the best, of the whole event. They are really into their details, and it shows.
Salad toppings mise. I believe this was at Maestro’s table. This was Jacob & Anthony’s American Grille, part of Marrello Restaurants & Catering.
Salads – all done! Great combo – roasted golden beets are always a win for me.

Back to Putnam’s table for dessert. An apple tart with caramel sauce and whipped cream. Both toppings made by them. That caramel was so rich and moreish. Mmm.

Ducky, duck, duck, duck! Duck with apple shreds, and it looks like a bit of brie. These tasted great, but the bread was a little tough/oily by the time it reached my mouth. I think a little bowl of the other ingredients sans bread would have been even more spectacular.

Smoked salmon cakes from Sperry’s table. Lots of shmoozing going on at this table. SWFF2011 was a great time for people watching.

Marche had shrimp and grits. I loved the grits. Shrimp were a little gummy.
Dessert cups from Jacob & Anthony’s table. Loved the presentation. The long sticks in the cups are actually spoons.
Albany John came up to me at one point and says:
“The artichokes at Chianti’s are THE BEST thing I’ve eaten here. Have you tried them?”

They were awesome. Not too oily, and quite fresh. Mmm, grilled artichokes.

Veal shortrib over celeriac puree at the Prime table.
But their shell pasta with arugula pesto was the real standout. SO refreshing and filling and tasty! I was lucky enough to meet Doc Sconz in the flesh, and I think this would fit the Slow Food movement’s “cheap & good” category quite well.
And then we saw this. Porchetta. It looked kind of like a gigantic porky empanada. It was being slow roasted by the folks from Chianti for the after party.
I was so happy to be going to the after party. Evidently such porky wonderfulness is stuffed with herbs and let to sit and have the flavors mingle for a few days. Then they cover it with skin and bake or roast it on a spit.
By 4:30 it was time to bid my porky love a goodbye and kick it around Saratoga for a few hours before the after party Aperitivo at 7 pm.
When we came back, we were greeted with quite the array of food. Meat cup. MEAT CUP! The prosciutto was great.
Grilled veggies – asparagus was so good!
Grilled chicken – so moist & juicy!
They were roasting potatoes on the grill. Albany John says he does not like the color composition of this picture, but really liked getting the salt sprinkling action.
SHRIMP. Grilled and large. YAS PLZ.

Okay, so I know it was a wine festival, but the most favorite and delicious thing I tried all night was Cabin Fever maple whiskey. I’m usually not a whiskey gal (I lean more on the bourbon side), but oh, this was like a deliciously maple-y nectar of yum.

And they gave some samples to the people crowded around the pork. Such a thing of glory.
I love you, oh crispy, crackly pork skin. So perfect and good.

  1. you ended this post w/ a real money shot! 😉

  2. speshulk99 said:

    you are soooo special, and Daniel B. as well. Oy vey.

  3. llcwine said:

    I was away this weekend in Maine and had my fill of seafood, so I'm not toooooo jealous…ok…I am…it looks soooo good, and what can be better than crispy pork skin and maple whiskey?

  4. docsconz said:

    Great to meet you too, Albany Jane. I love this report, as I only got to sample a few of the items you did. I concur on the Cabin Fever maple rye. It is a unique and very good product. I'm looking forward to buying a bottle and creating some cocktails with it.

  5. Kim said:

    You did a fabulous job recounting the day. And what a beautiful food-filled day it was!
    John's pics are great. I am now craving pork skin!

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