The Greek House

Albany John was raving about The Greek House (27 3rd Street, Troy, NY) to me, and took me out for dinner. He’s in Troy quite a bit for lunch and has enjoyed a few lunches at The Greek house.
Inside is cute – clean, blue colors and some pylons.

A sort-of-open kitchen. Food comes out on the counter from the kitchen. The guys working the line wear gloves, and they seemed pretty about cleanliness on the whole.

Started out with a taramosalata appetizer. I love that fish egg dip! The pita bread was oiled up and grilled/toasted a bit. Think fluffier pita bread vs. 2-layer pita bread.

Beet salad! I was excited to try this, since they said it was marinated beets. It tasted like sliced beets out of a can with some olive oil and salt/pepper. Ho-hum. Not very exciting, and if they weren’t out of a can I’d be very surprised. I was hoping for some fresh beets that had been roasted & marinated.

I got an avgolemeno soup. It was a big bowl, but could use a little reworking. Tasted a little too semi-homemade for me, and more like it had been reheated in a microwave and not fresh out of a pot. Broth tasted like it was from a box/can, orzo tasted gummy and overcooked (like it was good when it was fresh, but had been microwaved). I don’t like my own leftovers, and I’m not a super huge fan of getting served (and charged) food that tastes like leftovers at a restaurant.

Albany John got a pork souvlaki. The meat was really tough. I normally love food that is described with the words “gristle” and “chew”, but whatever cut this was needed to be sliced/chopped up more, because it was really difficult to eat. It was either Eat-a-HUGE-piece or try-to-gnaw-off-a-piece style of eating. The pita also could have been greased/oiled up a little less.

Okay, so this might seem silly, but I thought their ice cubes were really cute. Like little Pac Man ghosts.

Service was beyond friendly. While my meal wasn’t that great, I’ll give them a few weeks/months to work the kinks out and try again, just because their service was so nice and I want to see them succeed. At one point, I was telling our waitress (who I think was also an owner) that she could take her time with us, and not to worry about the little things or hurrying things up. Her response was “Well, no, no. Because you should have good service, and I want you to have a great meal, and I really want you to enjoy your time here.”

  1. I'm generally worried about cleaniness on the whole, which is why I wipe twice.

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