Tour de Donut a Deux (1.5 weeks later)

A week and a half late, and many dollars short, here are my fave/only pictures of the 2nd Annual Tour de Donut.
Maybe you can tell what my favorite place was… Oh, I’ve nver been good at hints or subtlety. Golden Harvest Farms FTW!

And sacks of delicious donuts.
How good do they look?
It looks like an average, perfectly (almost toooooo good looking) donut from one side.
And then you turn it and see nooks, and perfect imperfections. And when you hold it, you feel the light and crisp exterior.
Which gives way to the fluffy interior with perfect apple cider flavoring.
And then we went to Love Apple Farm where Albany John got some so-so Mexican food ’cause he was all like “I need to eat real food,” and I was like “Um, hello, we just had donuts!” and he was like “No, that isn’t real food,” WHATEVER.

The rice was gummy (like Mexican fried rice), the tamale was supposed to be “very hot”/”Extra spicy”, but I couldn’t tell it had very much flavoring in it, much less a spicy kick. But their presentation was really pretty, so there’s that.

Big props to Daniel B for loaning my Sista a sweater during the chilly and somewhat rainy tour!

  1. tropics48 said:

    I LOVE Golden Harvest donuts! And I like stopping at the Harvest Spirits barn for tasting if we have time….

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