Albany John and I went to the Beefsteak event at Wolff’s Biergarten this Saturday. So much fun!

I bought the tickets as soon as I read about it on Friday Puppy and anticipated its arrival like most wee children do Christmas. Waited in line for a bit until the doors openedand then we soon made our way inside. I’d read the NY Times article on Beefsteak before, and I’d always thought it sounded like a great idea. I was beyond excited when I knew I’d be able to try it up here!

There was a procession of meat by all of the staff. What a joyous moment. Trays of meat! Trays of meat!
The delicious bits were brought in on platters, and served with tongs on to everyone’s platters. Nom. Sidebar: The gent above also had awesome hair.
Here’s Mark serving me some delightfully rare beef tenderloin. I asked him after the fact if he minded that I took his picture, and he was like “No, that’s why I was trying to look all serious,”

And then he came back and said “Now, if you’d have asked, I would have posed for your picture like this. Cheers!”

OMG, I ❤ Mark! He's got a perfect personality for being in the service industry. Super nice and friendly.

First round of beefsteak. It’s thin slices of bread with slices of beef tenderloin placed atop. With butter. The first few rounds were light on the butter, but it quickly became a decadently fatty affair.

Here’s round 9324098-0424. So much deliciousness! You didn’t have to eat the bread, either. Many folks used them as markers to see how many slices they’d had. Some tables had impressive stacks of bread.

The beef was SO tender and tasty! Look at how deliciously rare that was! There were pre-dressed salad bowls and french fries passed around in addition to the beef, and free-flowing dark and light beer. I forget what kinds, because I’m bad at telling beers apart other than it tasting like beer.

Everyone seemed to be in a jovial mood. It’s so rare to see an entire restaurant full of really happy people. I loved the staff in their long sleeved uniforms and bow ties. And Matt’s glasses were super awesome! They plan on having beefsteaks quarterly, and if you weren’t here for this one, make sure you keep your ears perked for the next date. So much fun! I think next time I will dress up all 1950s-like.

Bested by bread. I had more than the number of slices on the plate – I ate a bunch of bread slices, too.
Friehoffer’s cookies at the end! What a sweet way to end a nice event.

It was $45 per ticket, and then you tossed down whatever cash you wanted at the end to tip the (very accommodating) staff. I thought the ticket pricing was quite fair, given that Wolff’s was shut down for 3 or so hours for the event, and it was such a unique experience with a great atmosphere (and hey, grossing close to $4,500 in 3 hours is awesome for a local business).

I look forward to going again, and hope to see you there, too!

  1. DelSo said:

    Beefy deliciousness and a sweet manicure, too! Winner!!

  2. I would have thought Baumgartner would have ended on Fudge Fancies. But still, this looks like it was a lot of fun.

  3. jalarson said:

    oh my god! i was so close to you and i didn't realize it (3rd pic, handsome bearded dude)

    yay! glad you had a great time

  4. KB said:

    That sounds awesome! Also, I like your nail polish. 🙂

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