Cauliflower Scardey Cats & Bunny rabbits

One night I decided to try taking a (rare) creative twist on cauliflower “pizza“/patties. Scaredy Cats & Bunny faces instead of circles!

I put some pureed and seasoned cauliflower in big cookie molds! Aren’t they cute? Bunny faces & scared kitties! Made of veggies!

First, you should start off with some boiled/steamed cauliflower. That’s it.

Then MASH IT! Mash it with a big ole’ masher! You can mash it for a while, but if you’re impatient like me…
You’ll enlist the help of your handy-dandy immersion stick blender to puree it into bits.
Tada! Then I added some cumin, romano cheese, garlic, and the teensiest pinch of salt. You can add whatever else you want. Egg is also a good binder, and I probably should have added some because I am terrible at eating enough protein.

Then take your pureed cauliflower and plop them into molds. Yaaay, cute veggies! I baked these so they were a little firmer, but you could also just put it on a plate warm as-is so it’s like mashed potatoes. Who can resist such cuteness?
I also made a few small circular “pizza” patties.

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  1. I kept waiting to see green peas for spooky/creepy eyes. If you totally wanted to go Martha on it, you could have used a pair of tweezers to insert a black sesame seed into the pea for a pupil. But that's just the crazy talking.

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