Halfmoon Salad & Sandwich Shop

Tasty salad, yay! I went a little extravagant on this one and ended up spending a little over $11 on it. Tee hee, whoops! It was so good, it was worth it, though.

Cucumbers, walnuts, avocado, beets (not from a can!), chickpeas, red onions, blue cheese, artichokes, mushrooms on top of some lettuce. Crunchy tastiness! Dressing on the side ‘coz I haven’t been into heavy salad dressing.

You can pay another $0.50 to get everything chopped, if you’d so like. Everything was fresh and tasty. Totally loved it.

Although, minor thing – I wish they had some salad combos listed, because I am terrible at coming up with my own combinations. This was a success, but I was wondering if the ingredients that sounded awesome in my head would actually be awesome on my tongue.

Oh, and BTW, this was a large salad. Who orders small salads for a meal? They’re salads. Go big or go home (hungry).

  1. Anonymous said:

    Love the salads!!!
    Lg Romaine chopped w/carrots,red onions,celery,tomatoes,croutons, blackend chicken and blue cheese

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