Happy wedding my beautiful hippie chick and rocket scientist!

I was lucky enough to be invited to my pals’ wedding. Which was on a boat. ON. A. BOAT. It was epic and awesome.

Mazel tov was happily shouted at sunset after breaking some glass. Much folksy dancing occurt. Happy smiles abounded. Many glasses of grog were consumed.

Appetizers, yaaaay! Plus passed apps. I may or may not have eaten half of the wheel of baked brie.

Meatacular and vegtastic dinner.
And then the bride and groom walked around to folks and were like “Soooo, you should start using the glasses on the table. Go get some grog. In the big mugs.” You’ve got it!
Desserts were awesome. Peanut butter mousse in a chocolate cup, cake pop, and pistachio pudding layers. So tasty!

And all I’m gonna say is that the groom and officiant had an awesome ending to the wedding. I’M ON A BOAT!

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