Epicurean’s Wine Tasting dinner – Bordeaux’s Left Bank

CelinaBean and I met up a few weeks ago for a wine pairing/tasting dinner at The Epicurean. Celina was looking for a girl’s night out, and loves Sandy’s wine pairings. I heard “Epicurean” and I was in. Check out their events page for similar upcoming events.

The wines we tasted were from Bordeaux’s left bank. Reservations are required, and the tasting cost $35 per person. There are two communal tables with about 10-12 seats each, and Sandy stands in between them talking about each wine. If you are a group of more than two people, you might want to get there a little bit early so you don’t get split into two tables.

I’m not much of a red wine fan, and Bordeaux’s I’ve tried in the past have usually been pretty high in tannins, so I went in expecting to not really LOOOOVEEE the wines I tried, but I was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed the new wines I tried.

The first course was a trio of pates. Liver on the left, rabbit on the bottom, and seafood on the right, and some zippy arugula in the center. A server who dropped them off took a guess at the pates, but was way off – he told us that at least one of them was vegetarian, hehe. Sandy clarified that for Celina and me, though. Sandy is definitely a part of The Epicurean experience for me – he is so warm and welcoming!

I ate about half of the pates. I wished I could have brought some for Albany John, he would have loved them!

The pork liver pate was, well, pork liver-y (some iron, you know).
The rabbit pate was delicately flavored. I really enjoyed this and can’t wait to have it again.

The wine we had was a Chateau Larose Trintaudon – Haut Medoc 2005. This was nice, and had been opened for about 10 minutes before it was poured. The meals pacing wasn’t rushed, so there was time for the wines to open up in our glasses and develop throughout the appetizer course. This may have been my favorite wine of the night – it was light, not too much of a tannin note.
Round two started off with a Chateau Malmaison Moulis – Baronne de Rothschild Medoc 2006. Bold, bold, BOLD wine. This was a very big wine. Like… wow. There was a whole lot of fruit flavor going on with some crazy bitterness, and I’ve since lost my note sheet so unfortunately that’s the extent of my description.
The main dish was coq au vin – so tender, with a nice crispy piece of bacon on the side. Mmm. I loved the rosemary polenta cake on the right, too. Nice aromatic flavor, and very tender polenta. I just love how well portioned out their main dishes are – plenty to eat, but not too much.
Wine number three was Chevalier de Rauzan-Gassies – Margaux 2005. I think I heard that this was the most expensive of the wines. I thought it was a fairly enjoyable wine on its own. But the real surprise was still to come with the cheese course.

The Fourme d’Ambert blue cheese was a nice funky blue cheese. Tasty on its own, but when you took a sip of the wine and cheese together…

All was right with the world.
Celina and I tasted this combo at about the same time and just… looked at each other. You know, with those faces, that say… “Oh, oh. This. This is good.”
The tannins in the wine and the tanginess of the blue cheese completely washed each other out and all that you could taste was this delightfully sweet creaminess. Man oh man, Sandy has an amazing talent for pairing wines.

Wine math is delicious stuff. It’s like when two negatives equal a positive. Two strong flavors = delicate deliciousness. I could have eaten an entire wheel of cheese with a bottle of this wine. So good.
They’ve also got a nice selection of cheeses in their display.

This was a nice night out to meet new friends and try out new flavors and combinations. I’m so excited to enjoy a wine and cheese combo this much!

  1. Wonderful evening. Let's have another adventure soon 🙂

  2. Mirdreams said:

    Love this place, a good reminder to go over there and eat.

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