Ala Shanghai on Black Friday

Went to my fave resto, Ala Shanghai on Black Friday with the mister. I like going there for the lunch specials. Salt and pepper pork and chili shrimp meals for under $10? Yes, please!

Chili shrimp – nom! This was pleasantly spicy. Very warm and quite spicy. I really enjoyed it – it was a very flavorful spicy, not just spicy for spicy’s sake. And the shrimp were perfectly cooked. Popped in my mouth. Mmm.
Salt and pepper pork! Deep fried bits of pork – I loved the garlic slivers on top! So good! They really complemented the fried pork. I was full all day after eating this 😀
I also got to sample the new take on scallion pancakes. More scallions on the inside, and chewy layers on the inside.
Check out those layers! This is a legit homestyle scallion pancake. The layers inside are chewy and delicious, which are a nice texture contrast to the crunchy exterior. You’ll love it.

  1. KB said:

    They've improved the already awesome scallion pancakes? I need some.

  2. llcwine said:

    in one word……….yum

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