Southwest menu at SCCC

It’s good to have friends. While I was at the seasonal dinner at Ala Shanghai, my buddy Jess offered to arrange a night at SCCC, since The Profussor and I were lamenting our lack of attendance at the Casola Dining Room and feasting our taste buds on the work of the students therein. We hopped at the chance. It also helps that Jess is married to the chef that was teaching the night we met.

We walked in on a dead night, and were shocked to see this spread awaiting us at the table. Hello, Lardo!
Seriously, this is an insane spread. Smoked salmon, mortadella, prosciutto, nuts, chorizo, cheese sausage, and… so many cured delights. Chef Tanner was gracious enough to allow us to sample some of his work. Mmmmm. Such good work.
And here is the skinny Chef in the flesh with Daniel B.

With a tray of BACON no less. Three kinds of bacon. THREE KINDS OF BACON. I LAHV YEW FOREVAR AND EVAR AND EVAR. My fave was the bacon that was also grilled. So smoky! And fatty. And DELICIOUS.
Daniel B. brought along some duck prosciutto for the table and students to try from Adventure in Food. The duck was from the people that do Hudson Valley Foie Gras. It was really mild. Quite easy to eat, and a large breast.
THREE KINDS OF BACON!!! My favorite is the dark one on the right. Grilled and smoked. Epic win!
So after stuffing my gullet with gobs of smoked foods, we got started on the menu. Here’s the cactus pear salad. Eh, it was okay. There was a lot of hard boiled egg bit in there, and I’m not a fan of hard boiled egg, so… not a big winner for me.
Albany John got some hard tamales. They were… not so good. But the sauce underneath them was bright and tasty.
Daniel B. eating the second to last piece of bacon after I forced him to.
Fish! with rice and collards. I loved the rice, which is weird. Since I usually hate rice. But this was flavorful and tender. Mmm.
Albany John’s pork stew. He really loved this.
Dessert time! Tequila cheesecake for me and Jess.
Cactus pear sorbet for Albany John. This was so good. We switched off halfway through. I want a bucket of this. So refreshing!
Oh, and the class was making ribs for themselves (the way it works is the students make the menu one week to taste it themselves and get a feel for how to cook it, then the next week they make it for serving in the dining room), so we got some leftovers. Nommy spicy and smoky ribs. YES.

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