Sushi X Night

Went to Sushi X with a bunch of my incredibly good looking and funny friends. Namely JoJo, Ray, and their new bundle of cute; Sebastien; Daniel B.; and a bunch of other enjoyable people of all walks of life.

Dinner is $19.99 per person M-Th (before tax and tip), and for a group of 6 or more, they tack on 18% for you. It was just a hair over $25 per person for the buffet itself. Thursdays are also ladies nights, where they have $2 girlie drinks.

I really enjoy this place for groups. They only take reservations within a few days of your date/time (max 1 week) and don’t really seem to care about taking them to begin with (not the “You MUST have a reservation or we won’t seat you” BS). And they also will split checks individually in large groups no problem. Wow! Some restaurants in the area refuse to split checks, or add a fee to do so. There’s plenty of seating at tables throughout the restaurant.

Apps and sushi for $25 per person? If you eat sushi like I do, this is a steal.
ROCK SHRIMP! Our table got three of these, and I’m pretty sure I ate 95% of each order. So crisp on the outside and perfectly cooked on the inside.
Round two of sushi! I was so excited about the first round that I must have forgotten to take a picture. Sashimi is even included! How awesome is that? Now, it’s not Nobu freshness or quality, but it’s good for what it is.

Thanks all for coming out! We will have to do Sushi X 2: Electric Boogaloo very soon.
  1. I drive by this place every day and am always curious. If your crew approves than it has to be good!

  2. JoJo said:

    Rock shrimp! Nom nom nom….

  3. @ashallann Approves is a strong statement. It's a good value. But it's not great, and some things are simply awful (like the tamago).

    Still, given the right frame of mind (a strong desire to attempt further gustatory feats of strength) I would return.

    But it's not for the casual sushi dinner. It's for gorging on food like there may not be a tomorrow. And there is certainly a time and a place for that.

    Turns out most recently, that was last week at Sushi X.

  4. Robert said:

    I am eager to try this place too

  5. Amy said:

    Went on Xmas eve with my parents and my Mom LOVED the rock shrimp and I learned to pace myself and avoided the sushi/food baby at the end of dinner. Can't wait until the Electric Boogaloo Edition!

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