Beef Chuck Roast

I got Albany John sick. I spent most of the months from late fall through early spring in various states of sickness because my immune system sucks, so I’ve kind of gotten used to it. But Albany John comes from hearty stock, so when he gets sick, he gets SICK.

Funny thing about Albany John – he doesn’t really like making roasts. He thinks they are unhealthy, and just too much meat for our small household to have. I usually cook roasts, but from now on I am demanding he make roasts, because this chuck roast he made was AWESOME. He picked it up from Roma, and he happily related that the butcher had to go back and custom-cut the roast from their side of beef for his order.

We just went back this morning to Roma, and the butcher remembered him and we told him how delicious the roast he cut us was. It was under $4 per pound for a chuck roast. Nom. So fall-apart tender and beefy. Chuck is one of my fave beef cuts.

We refrigerated the stew overnight. This morning Albany John was out exercising (the roast made him feel that much better – geesh!). I woke up at the crack of Noon and made myself some hash with leftover baked potatoes cooked in the fat I skimmed off of the roast. Waste not want not. Nom. I also tossed in some carrots and shreds of chuck near the end of potato crisping.

And a sunny side egg to boot. A brekkie Nana might have gotten down with.

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  1. Thanks for the inspiration. I've got one going in the oven as I type…

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