Did I ever show you my meal from dinner at The Epicurean with Daniel B. and Celinabean? Well, here it is. Squid to start, plus some pate that came with Daniel B’s set meal ($20 for three courses, how can you pass that up?).

I passed on the set menu because I saw tartare ($19), and I had to have it. You know the tartare is good when I *need* it when it’s winter time. Fries were a little soggy, but really, I don’t need to be eating gobs of fries with my raw beef and raw egg yolk, so…

I love how beefy and flavorful the tartare is – it says ground beef on the menu, but I’m pretty sure it’s minced and cubed. Otherwise it’s a very rough grind. Don’t think it’s supermarket quality ground beef you’re ordering – waaaay better.

I stole some of Daniel B’s dessert. Which you can imagine he loved. Some kind of apple oatmeal with ice cream. I’d pass on it next time – the oats were still pretty raw. Skip sweet desserts at The Epicurean and get some cheeses with wine paired by Sandy. He makes the best cheese and wine pairings!

Oh, service note – if you’re going, make sure you ask for Beau. I loved him! He was super personable and a great server overall. The next time I go I’m making sure I get him for my waiter.

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