Cardona’s hot bar

Mmm, I love Cardona’s hot bar. It’s like $7/lb, and this big tray of food was ~3/4 lb. Shrimp and tortellini with alfredo sauce (not for dieters, but so, so worth it!).
The broccoli rabe was surprisingly bitter. I wouldn’t have wanted to eat much more of it, but it was a nice foil to the uber-rich and fatty tortellini. The shrimp wasn’t overcooked or anything!
Albany John got seafood marinara with some grilled chicken. I was kinda skeptical about how the scallops would be on a hot bar, but they were just perfect – juicy, not at all rubbery or overcooked.

  1. B said:

    Cardona's is a local gem. The butcher is awesome (seriously why do they have so much tripe, I have never seen the massive blocks of frozen tripe they have before), the olive bar is so, so good (the white anchovies!), and the staff has the perfect mix of very helpful but the customer is not always right attitude.

    Hope they stick around for decades.

  2. K said:

    One of the places I miss the most about Albany.

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