Like any good narcissistic blogger, I pride myself on my own fancy pants pizza dough (that I gleaned from the Daring Bakers). Hannaford‘s frozen pizza a bit of alright, though. For $4.49, it’s not too bad for a quickie night time dinner/snack. The calorie count on the margherita pizza isn’t too bad, either – realistic (i.e., the pie doesn’t serve “32”), and doesn’t have 80g of fat. Didn’t taste too heavy, but still sated the pizza scratch.

I was surprised by how bright the tomatoes tasted, and how much I liked the pizza overall. The thin crust was pretty crispy/flaky. Albany John’s got a guilty pleasure for crappy frozen pizzas (sorry Johnny, cat’s outta the bag now). I picked this up on a whim for him, and I ended up eating at least half of it.

Serve it up with a big bowl o’ veggies and it’s a fast dinner.

  1. B said:

    Super secret:
    Use the Joy of Cooking naan recipe. Roll out a pizza round, poke with lots of holes, blind bake on a stone for a couple minutes, then load up with pizza fixin's. There's a good chance that I'm crazy but I love it.

  2. On occasion Red Baron pizza can be oddly satisfying

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