I am so bad at remembering to take pictures of these things. Albany John cheffed it up like crazy this weekend. We had the FUSSYlittleFAMILY over, another one of my fave chosen couples, and Artsy Designer Friend.

The picture looks like a hot mess, but the food was banging:
Spinach dip
kosher mashed potatoes shaped like a pancake
pork & beans

smoked dark meat turkey
roasted turkey breast
veggie stir fry
sweet potato slices with onions, honey, and butter (nom)
spinach salad
lemon-soaked onions
roasted carrots & onions

Nom! So good. And Daniel B. brought over an orb of Burrata. Mmmmm.
I made raspberry macarons with vanilla buttercream. So tasty. Maybe I’ll do another post proper on them, but short and dirty: Add 20-25g of freeze fried raspberries to your blender with the 200g of powdered sugar & 110g almond flour. Pulse until the dry stuff is pink-hued.

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