New Orleans – Day

After a night of revelry, Bro, Margarita, Albany John and I were in need of sustenance. Margarita suggested Cafe du Monde on Decatur. There was a line of folks waiting to be sat – there is no real hostess – just grab a table if it’s free. Late-risers that we are, we had no problem finding a table and sitting within a few minutes of getting there. There are a lot of tables outside, and even inside, it feels very open and breezy.
When you order from a server, they go to a line and pay for your order out of pocket. Interesting system, but seems like pretty much anyone can be a server here. Once your order is delivered, you pony up to your server and pay your tab.
4 cafe au laits for us, and three orders of beignets. Fried dough covered in powdered sugar. These were just the teensiest bit oily on the outside. A bit of custardy/creamy interior inside. I’m normally not a powdered sugar fan, but these weren’t too bad with sugar on them.

Overall, I liked the coffee much more. I love chicory, such a nice flavor in coffee.

It was after noon, so I felt it appropriate to grab a refreshing beverage. Frozen peach bellini daiquiri! This was about $8.50 and came with a free shooter. It was more refreshing than potent, a good hair of the dog. I managed to finish about half of it – so cold!

And guess what’s close to Cafe du Monde? Central Grocery for muffuletta! My “go-to” food places were almost entirely skimmed off of Boots in the Oven. In a perfect world, I’d have been able to meet my blog sister. One day. Until then, I will take her eating suggestions in NoLa!

There was a bit of a line, but we made it through in about 20 minutes. And they take credit cards! Win! From here on out, all of the photos are courtesy of Albany John.
It was $14.50 for a whole muffuletta – these were premade, or being made quickly to accommodate the line. There are a few tables and stools in the back to nosh.

Hello, muffuletta! Sesame-seeded gigantic bun/loaf of bread.
I have so much excitement!! Muffuletta about to go in my mouth!

It was pretty tasty, though I think it could have used a little more filling. The bread ratio was pretty high, and uniformly squishy. The fillings inside were an awesome combination – olive salad, what seemed like some gardinera, and a bunch of different meat slices. Reminded me of an Italian sub with more stuff on it, but with squishier bread.

We walked around the French Quarter for a bit – saw this youth marching band rehearsing by a church.
And then we were off to Cochon Butcher on our way out of NoLa. It was easy to find parking near Cochon Butcher.

Inside our senses were regaled with cured meat-goodness. True story, our recently moved Chef Tanner worked with the owner of Cochon in his New Orleans days.
Albany John got a grapefruit cocktail and I got a Pecan beer. I swapped with him – the cocktail was so refreshing and tart. Bitters and such.

Charcuterie plate ($14) The pinky/tan plop in the foreground is a rabbit pate (or something like that). Tasty. The lardo on the left was ok, but I liked Chef Tanners better – his was a little more flavorful. The other cured meats were awesome. I’ve kind of forgotten them already. Sadness. But they were delicious on my tongue.
Boudin! This side portion was only $3! Awesome casings, and kicky mustard. I like boudin. It’s a sausage with rice in it.
This. Get this this this. It’s a quinoa side salad and I need to figure out how to make it at home. $3 for a refreshing cold salad with roasted califlower, scallions, and AWESOME. The cauliflower lent a nuttiness and… I want some more RIGHT NOW.

Really liked Cochon Butcher, and the next time we visit, I wanna eat at Cochon proper.

On our way out, Margarita gave us a tour of the neighborhood she grew up. Cute area. And we saw a place selling oysters. They sell oysters for $30 for 30 lbs, or $50 for 100 lbs. DUDE! Bro picked up a 30 lb sack. We got ice and such for the ride. S’cool.

These guys were fresh and covered in mud. They are of various shapes and sizes, and I think in warmer weather it would be fun to grill them.

Bro took to oyster shucking quite well. Mmm, so meaty and plump.
Oh, and they picked up some gulf shrimp. Look at how big those guys are! No preservatives or anything. So briny and good.

Bro & Albany John also cheffed up some baked oysters. A tasty way to end our day in New Orleans. Laissez les bon temps rouler, indeed!

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  1. That looks amazing. I love the picture of the band practicing in front of the “Quiet Zone” sign.

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