Groceries Delivered from ShopRite

I have been happy with a ShopRite in the area. I like their general range of goods carried and prices for said goods. I noticed they have a home delivery program, and since ShopRite is still new to the Capitol Region area, they are offering home delivery for free with a purchase over $50. Normally the delivery fee is a flax $6.95, which I find rather reasonable.

I was tickled with curiosity and a lack of motivation to drive out to their Niskayuna store. How well does the home delivery program at ShopRite work? Pretty well, actually. Not perfect, but quite well overall.

I put approximately $55 of stuff in my cart. Check out with PayPal. They want to authorize an additional $10, just in case. You can opt to let them sub things in your order without calling you, but I had them call me in case anything was out. Turns out some stuff was out; some items I was okay with substituting, and other things I just left out.

What did I buy? Some household items, which arrived just fine. The produce delivered quite well – I ordered some grapes which came unbruised; some squash which were all uniformly sized and unblemished; and two bunches of asparagus.
Oh, and about 2.25 lbs of cilantro. That is a LOT of cilantro. Online I ordered by the ounce. On their side it must have come up as by the bunch. I ordered 6 oz, they subbed 6-0.37 lb bunches of cilantro. I am guessing the delivery fee is being waived as a way to test out our area and any glitches in the system like this one. I don’t think they charged me for this, and I’m guessing it’s because of the pricing/ordering issue.

You can order off of the flyer from the Specials tab, or put in what you want to order and then select it that way. Pretty neat way to order.

  1. Some of my co-workers have been using this and have had nothing but good things to say about it. I still have yet to use it, but I'd probably just go and pick it up.

  2. Mr. Dave said:

    Doing this. Going to order supremely weird things and answer the door in a bath robe.

  3. how long did it take for the delivery to arrive? cause i'm likely to change my mind about what i want to make for dinner 30 times in twenty minutes. 🙂

  4. I haven;t gotten the delivery, but I have placed my order online and picked it up in the store. I love it! Had good luck with substitutions too – they've always just ended up giving me the organic version of whatever it was they were out of, and never charged me more for it. Once I ordered meyer lemons and the woman called because she didn't know what they were or where to find them (she thought it was lemon juice) but once I told her they should be in the produce section, she was all set. haha

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