Mac & Cheese Bowl 2012

Congratulations to Christian Noe for winning the 2nd people’s competition at the 3rd Annual Mac & Cheese Bowl at the Albany Marriott.

Overall, the event raised a bunch of money for the Regional Food Bank of Northeastern New York, so excellent on that account.

Here is the assembly line at 677 Prime’s station for hamburger mac & cheese.
An innovative take on it, for sure. I arrived at 11 am on the nose, and it was already packed with people and only got more crowded as the minutes flew by. Not for the claustrophobic, that’s for sure!
One of my favorite stations – Valente’s mac & cheese. I got a huge chunk of crab in my sample, and it was one of the best I tried. My other favorite tie for first was DP Brasserie/Yono’s ducky mac & cheese.

My least fave? Taste’s – instant frowny face. Their flavors didn’t make my mouth happy at all.
Albany John snapped a few action shots for me.
Like these mac & cheese enthusiasts.
Steve announcing the Judge’s Choice (aka, Christian Noe).
The Standard’s presentation for their tex-mex mac & cheese.

1 comment
  1. Chelle said:

    Do you know who ended up winning?
    My first time going and it was great, although way too crowded.

    Hey, I went to high school with two of those “enthusiasts” in your picture!

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