Mussels Night at The Merry Monk!

Albany John and I went back to the Merry Monk to try more of their mussels! We loved our first visit, we had to go back! And when they’re buy-one-get-one free on Wednesdays starting at 4 pm, it’s hard to stay away for long. Albany John got mussels in a cream sauce. Very good – plump, and not too creamy. Very complimentary sauce without being overwhelming.

And we each got frites! Two dipping sauces each. So tasty! The buffalo blue cheese is addictive as a dip.
I threw my normal pickiness to the wind and went with the coconut curry mussels. And I LOVED it! I’ve had this cold I just can’t shake – it just seems to keep coming back. And this had so much flavor!
There were a few funky/unopened shells, but for the most part, they were all plump and well-cooked. Albany John thought the turmeric garnishing was a little excessive – if it gets on your clothes they will be stained.

I’m still loving the atmosphere – laid back, not rushed, and a nice step away from the hubub of downtown Albany during/just after office hours.

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