Breakfast at Rogowski Farm

Visited my Dad in Orange County, NY when I was on my way home from Philly. For breakfast we went to Rogowski Farm in Pine Island, NY.
Orange County has a lot of black dirt farms – rich soil.

This was a very casual breakfast location – breakfast was made there, right in front of you, open seating. Loved that community aspect of it. Breakfast menu right on the board.

Cream and sugar on the table, and they give you your own carafe of coffee! Yay!
I was really digging all of the carbs they had on the menu… so I ordered all of them, and a poached egg. From L-R on the bottom:
Honey Corn Muffin with cranberry butter ($2) – really tasty muffin. Nicely moist and the butter was so good on it.
Cinnamon Dirt Bomb ($1) – cakey deliciousness! This reminded me of coffee cake, but with a much more satisfying ratio of topping:cake (i.e. lots!)
Apple Cheddar Thyme Scone ($3) – tons of cheddar, but a little stale tasting and dry. Maybe it was made the night before, or way early in the morning and left uncovered. If it were fresher, it would have been great.

My poached egg was perfect – completely runny yolk!

My dad got the Apple Cream Cheese Stuffed French Toast with bacon. Mmm, this was also really good. Shredded apple with cream cheese – really nice combo with french toast.
They also have a supper club! Lamb loin? I wanna go back!

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  1. Debra said:

    My Great-grandmother from Poland lived on a farm in the black dirt area in Pine Island – my Grandma grew up picking the lettuce & onions & other veggies they grew out there. Lots of fond memories when I would visit as a child.

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