Wine & Cheese Dinner with the Cheese Traveler

The Cheese Traveler hosted a wine & cheese pairing at the First Universalist Church in Albany using fairly local wines and cheeses. $25 per person for five wines and cheeses, and the folks were so nice! Unsurprisingly, I arrived (un)fashionably late and didn’t pay until after the event was over, but it’s normally done where you walk in and pay upon arrival.

Here are The Cheese Traveler & The Profussor waxing poetic over wine and fromages. The day/night this was happening I was waffling about attending when a local social media guru & Daniel B. encouraged me to attend. Thank goodness for good friends. This was a great night and I’m glad I made it!
Here’s Daniel B. Cutting off the nose of the cheese. All of the rinds were edible. My memory is terrible, and I’m at least a week behind on posting this, so I don’t really remember any of the cheeses I tasted, other than the last goat cheese blue which was really salty and tasty, and a soft cheese for the first cheese that I really liked. And all of the rinds were edible. Maybe Daniel B. or some other kind samaritan will chip in in the comments.
Lights out! Sexy cheese time!
I cut mangled the last cheese. It was soft and super salty. One of the parishioners of the church made these awesome candied pecans. Oh, so good. Sweet and crunchy, so good with the salty, tangy cheese.
And then we went to Hollywood for buffalo wings. Service was awesome. I’ve always felt like Hollywood was my ideal bar, especially now that they serve food. $4 cape codders and $2.50 PBRs don’t hurt, either.
Crispy fried chicken wings! And tasty blue cheese (really thick & light on the mayo). These were great chicken wings. Meaty, crispy, not too greasy, and plenty of kick to the wings. Can’t wait to go back and order these again.

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