ShopRite had beef rib roasts on sale for Easter – $4.88/lb with the card (so this 5+ lb roast was <$30)! I got a bunch of groceries delivered to my door using their Shop at Home program, oh man do I love it. I'd ordered a 3 lb roast, but got a 5.5 pounder, so I decided to volunteer it for Easter dinner. And dry roast it. (Thanks for the advice, tweeps!)
Rib roast pre-fridge. I came into ownership of a small humidity controlled wine fridge. I’ve mostly got it stocked with lychee juice & coconut water, so I used the bottom half of it to dry out the roast. Yay, no funky flavors getting picked up! It sat for about 1.5 days before…
Salting. The exterior was dry, so I had to use a touch of oil to coat it was kosher salt. Then I tried using the prime rib recipe from Serious Eats. Low and slow for a few hours until it reaches 120F, rest, then blast at 500F for 15 minutes.

I got it to about 115/120 on my non-instant thermometer. Wrapped it up, then headed to my Mom’s for Easter.
We blasted it in her oven. The exterior looks mighty nice.
BUT EPIC FAIL. IT’S A MEDIUM-WELL (at best) ROASTED BEAST. :< Not the medium rare I was shooting for. So much sadness. Le sigh.

So much room for error:
Too much resting time.
Too much time being blasted in the oven before carving.

Not using an instant thermometer
English heritage coming through for cooking meat

Slightly less grey in the center. Sigh. My Mom was way too nice and kept telling me I did a good job with it, and that it looked very good. Man, talk about a Mother’s love, hunh? The only good aspect of this roast were the crispy bits of fat on the outside. You can never go wrong with crispy fat.

Interestingly enough, most of my mom’s guests were Hindi or vegan/vegetarian, so not too many people other than Albany John & my mom had to suffer through the roast. Although some griping about the grossness of meat was had. And I got to eat some awesome tandoori chicken & egg masala curry. It was a ridiculous amount of food for our group, and so tasty.
My mom made super fluffy mashed potatoes, and some tasty fried chicken wings. Nom! For dessert she made lemon meringue pie – reminded me of what Nana would have made.
  1. Can you hook me up with some details on the humidity controlled wine fridge? Sounds like a nice little mini curing chamber.

  2. One trick that we've learned cooking rib roasts over the years is to make sure that the roast comes up to room temperature before throwing that sucker in the oven.

    Naturally we subscribe to the Cooks Illustrated method. It works, but it takes a while (obviously).

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