What to Eat After Wisdom Teeth Surgery

Love that Albany John. I had my wisdom teeth out a week ago, and he has been making my recovery as pain-free as possible. I considered it fairly minor surgery, but I’m glad to have him because he kept me from pushing myself too much. And c’mon. Who doesn’t love having someone fuss over them?

He drove me there, waited for me, and shuttled me to Tar-jay to fill up my post-op meds while insisting I pick up some frozen treat of my choosing (I found some Chobani Greek yogurt and some vanilla fro yo, yay!). Surgery was at Way Too Early O’Clock, and I was back home by 10 AM. I had sedated surgery, so I had to stop eating the night before. 
The night before my surgery, Albany John even took me to Sushi X with R to fill up on tons of seafood and appetizers. Don’t even ask how much rock shrimp we were able to put away on top of sushi. R also helped ease my pre-surgery nervousness. 

Day 1: I subsisted pretty much off of frozen yogurt and a little bit of Greek yogurt, but the greek yogurt was a little too thick for me to eat easily for the first few days. I was told I had to eat cold/non-hot foods for the first day.

Day 2: more fro-yo and some split pea soup Albany John made (and pureed). Then he decided I needed pudding, and that he had to make it from scratch. Awww. And then I was like “HUNNGGRRYY” so I got some Mastrionni soft dinner rolls and brie. Hello, Hannaford brand double cream brie. Nom. It was tough to eat the bread. I was nibbling toddler-sized bites of bread, and it was hard.

Days 3-4 were pretty much the same as Day 2. I couldn’t take a lot of texture because it was painful to move my jaw. I ate three dumplings, and it took forever and it really hurt.

Days 4- 5 were the peak of my swelling. Pain moved from being generally sore in the lower facial area to being more sharp and directly from the surgical areas. 

Overall, I would recommend planning out your meals so you get enough calories every day. I did not do this, and lost more weight than I wanted to in a very short period of time, which is not very healthy for the body. I normally eat like an a-hole, so I figured I’d have no problem consuming enough calories, but the first few days it was difficult for me to break 800 calories because of the limited jaw motion and how quickly my jaw became tired and started hurting.
Recommended foods: Protein shakes, pureed soups, pudding, ice cream (I really liked smooth peanut butter mixed with ice cream as a way to pack in calories), mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, mochi, pate.
When you can take a little texture, but not much: pasta cooked soft; like rice noodles in broth, or spaghetti in smooth sauce; soft buns

Avoid foods: Seeds, nuts, ground meat, TVP, crunchy things, chewy things, quinoa, cous cous
(of course, YMMV. I’ve heard tell of people with better immune systems that were able to function normally the day after surgery)

I had three wisdom teeth, and I had them all removed. Oddly enough, the side with only one tooth removed hurt the most. I was surprised by a lot of things. I was really tired throughout the day of surgery and slept a lot. The second day I felt better, but still found myself drifting in and out. Day 3 I caught at least one nap, and Day 4 I managed to get by sans naps (I’m not normally a napper). It was very handy having Albany John around to basically keep me housebound and not run around and do things like I wanted to. I like to think it focused my energies on healing. I probably would have pushed myself too much if left to my own devices. 

So after a few days of minimal texture, followed by some texture, and a whole lot of salt water washes and flushes I am working my way back on to solid food. 

My post surgery check up went well. I still have some pain on the one side of my jaw. They said it was likely a knotted muscle since everything in my mouth healed well. But everything inside my mouth was healthy and healing up just fine. After the exam I felt my jaw, and good gravy, they weren’t kidding about the knotted muscle (I didn’t want to mess around too much with anything before the consult). Wow. It is really cramping my eating style, so I will be working on hot compresses & maybe some acupuncture over the next few days to try and get rid of it. I want to be able to eat without my jaw getting sore and tired!

TLDR: Having someone to take care of you post wisdom teeth surgery is awesome. Have soft food on hand to eat. Take all of your meds. Follow your Dr’s post-op instructions to a T. Salt water washes are your buddy. 

  1. Glad to hear you are doing better. I remember how much getting braces sucked. Very soft stuffed zucchini was my first semi solid food.

  2. KB said:

    When I had mine out, they told me to drink Ensure shakes. I lived on nothing but chocolate Ensure for the first few days. (A caveat: Always drink them well-chilled, 'cause they taste alright cold but terrible warm.)

  3. I don't remember what I ate – probably soup and oatmeal. But I healed super fast. I do remember getting food particles out of the "holes" with a bent bobby pin. AWESOME.

  4. I don't remember what I ate – probably soup and oatmeal. But I healed super fast. I do remember getting food particles out of the "holes" with a bent bobby pin. AWESOME.

  5. Light diet is what really needed after you have your wisdom tooth extracted. When I had the surgery, I just really eat soup and mashed potatoes. And when I feel pain, I just put cold compress on my face, near the extraction area, which quite gives me some relief. Well, there are just some people who have difficult recovery after their surgery, but that’s really it is. You just have to ease the pain. It will then go away gradually. 😉

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