Ala Shanghai dim sum

The lovely social media Queen Danika and I took our guys out to Ala Shanghai for dim sum. Chinese brunch, ya know?

An order of drunken chicken on the left, and mock duck on the right. Man, I was definitely digging the mock duck. I’ve got to get that one again. Thin tofu sheets around… deliciousness.

 You know you go to a restaurant a lot when you start fondly calling the owner Uncle Lanny & a waiter pops over with some cold jelly fish (one of my fave cold apps on their menu) and says it’s “From Uncle”. Aww.

This is why I love going to Ala Shanghai. It makes me feel like I’m with my family, even though I don’t get to see my Chinese family as much as I want to. And I get pretty much the same service that my YehYeh does at his regular spots. (A few small dishes for free are pretty much par for the course at Chinese restaurants if you’re a regular, like tea or peanuts.)

 And then we ordered MOAR. Two rounds of Xiao Long Bao, some turnip cakes…

And some pork with tofu & capsella soup. So good, even in the summer. Light, but still porky. 

Under $10 per person, including tip! Gotta love dim sum.

  1. llcwine said:

    Yum….I need to get back there…soon

  2. llcwine said:

    Yum….I need to get back there…soon

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