Bison Meatballs

 Me: “I’m hungry. I want meat.”

Husbear: “Okay, let me rustle around the kitchen a bit.”

15 minutes later (or something like that).

Husbear: “Here. Bison meatballs with paprika buttered mushrooms over sauteed shredded zucchini.”

Me: *blinks*

Guys, this guy knows my number.

I liked bison meat meatballs. The bison stays moist, even though it’s fairly lean. Albany John tossed in some TVP flakes, ground flax seed, onions, & scallions. And probably other ingredients of deliciousness. But I forget because I was busy stuffing them in my mouth.

They were egg-free, and he was happy with how much better they stuck together with ground flax seed over egg. 

So, internet. It’s been over six years. I feel like sharing with you. Albany John and I have a cat. She is a picky fat thing, who really only cares for chicken kibble and the occasional nibble of cooked bacon fat and ice cream drips. I have no idea why she is so fat, since she hardly eats her kibble, but I digress. 

Any way, she picked up the bison scent quite intensely. I usually let her sniff human food since it’s normally out of curiosity, and then she turns her nose up at it. She seemed interested, so I tore off a little bit, and she ate it, then whined for more. Whut? This cat begging for meat? I fed her a few more bits (only meat – no onions, obvs!) and she ate half of a meatball. 

So, these meatballs are so good, picky cats will eat them. 
  1. You are a lucky woman, albany jane! And I think your cat is pretty lucky, too!

  2. You are a lucky woman, albany jane! And I think your cat is pretty lucky, too!

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