Matcha Chiffon Layer Cake

This cool summer we’ve been having has activated my baking senses. Clearly, it hasn’t activated my calligraphy or decorating senses, but while fairly uggers, this was a tasty cake. It actually didn’t need the metric ton of buttercream icing I slathered all over it.

I used Happy Home Baking’s recipe for a matcha chiffon cake. A chiffon cake is pretty darned close to a sponge cake. Moist and fluffy, it baked up very nicely in 30 minutes in an oven in an 8″x8″ square glass pan. I put parchment paper on the bottom, then wrapped it overnight in plastic wrap once it cooled.

The next day, I sliced it in half to make layers.

Then lightly brush with some sugar syrup. 

Not bad for a random Wednesday cake. But for real, it’s probably better as a Swiss roll type cake and not a buttercream layer cake, or just a layer cake that’s light on the icing. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but the cake really didn’t need very much icing.

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