Welcome to Albanyeats.net!

Welcome to the fabulous and spiffy new Albanyeats.net!

Many thanks to my good buddy Joe for helping out bunches with the migration!

Please pardon the dust as we work on settling in.

  1. This is mostly a test.. But I also wanted to mention that I think we should get the pizza gang together and check out Kay’s on Burden lake. I wanna give it another chance, and hear what everyone else has to say about it.. (http://kayspizza.com/

  2. Mazel tov! I kind of expected more Hello Kitty. I guess that will come with the spiffery.

  3. llcwine said:

    love the new look…very professional!!!

  4. i found this websight and it says that you are having a contest giveaway to ny state fair in syr, ticket to the fair and free parking i would like to enter this contest so i can win ticket i need 4 plus paring for free let me know if i won

  5. AJ said:

    The rss feed seems to have made it through the transition…. looks nice in here, like a cleared off dresser.

  6. I am a .net too! I tried this fancy schmancy wordpress business, but I find that I prefer blogger because I am lazy.

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