Myrtle Beach, SC

Went to Myrtle Beach, SC with some friends, in the spirit of the great American summer trips. Overall, I think I still prefer Virginia Beach, VA over MB, SC, but I can see the merits for SC.

Beers at Boardwalk Bill’s. Nice location for some quick eats. Or drinks in this case.

Red bull & Absolut pear shooters for me & my buddy. Which we later poured over ice since we didn’t feel like slamming them before noon. Haha.

This gyro was…. affordable. And did not leave me with any GI issues, so that is always good. Odd texture on the meat, but fluffy pita.

Albany John wanted about a dozen of these to go: breakfast sausage on a stick, dipped in maple-syrup-y pancake batter, then deep fried.

Well gee, I’d forgot my Salvia, Knives, Swords, and Stun Guns, so thank goodness this souvenir shop have me covered. Because nothing says a good beach time like salvia.

It was really hot when we went – Albany John and I got ever the slightest burn despite slathering our bodies in SPF 85 on the hour. The water was also SO salty. Albany John still says “Yes honey, the ocean is SALTY.” But it was way saltier than any other ocean waters I’ve been in. The air was also quite misty and hazy.

Albany John made a new buddy on our trip, and they both cooked dinner for our crew. Ribs & veggies, heck yes!

On another night we went to Captain George’s for a seafood buffet. At $31 per person, this is not a cheap buffet, so bring your appetites. I don’t really think it was worth it, and the staff had a bunch of drama going on between themselves.

The big draw was the crab legs. They tasted just like the crab legs on the (much cheaper) Chinese buffets we get in Albany. But they did have raw oysters and a whole bunch of other seafoody choices, though. My first round of raw oysters were great.

The second round, not so much. The first few were good, and then they just tasted… bad… Like… *shudders* I don’t even want to describe it, bad. I was a little queasy after this meal. Man, close to $75 down the drain for dinner for two that would have been closer to $25 in Albany. Beers were cheap, though. $8 per pitcher!

Following our seafoody gorging, we took a little death march to the beach. Oh, much more bearable at night. And so pretty, too!

Sadly, we eventually had to leave. But two of our tripmates were getting off in Virginia Beach….

So we got to go to Waterman’s!! VA BEACH, SO MUCH HAPPINESS!!

Albany John & I got some tequila based cocktails, which were quite potent. The orange crush is their signature drink, but you have got to try the grapefruit crush. So refreshing.
Poor Albany John had a chipped glass for his drink. Staff were concerned, but didn’t do anything about it once we told them.

I went for their house salad with grilled tuna. I was glad for the protein, but it was a bit waterlogged and the texture a bit soggy. Was probably frozen. The greenery was very much welcome, though!

Albany John’s order got messed up – he ordered fish tacos, but first got a fish sandwich. Fish tacos came out eventually. I gave him about half of my tuna while we waited.

Looky that beautiful beach!

Way less salty. I had to try my hardest not to dive right in, clothes and all.

Dude on vaycay made this, and it took all day. Wow. I have no such patience.

And then we got frozen yogurt at this place called Skinny Dip. I love it more than the fro-yo places around Albany. It tasted just like ice cream! Albany John still has fro yo loyalty to Plum Dandy in Saratoga Springs because their plain fro-yo is extra tart and yogurty.

Half PB, half vegan/soy fro yo. The vegan one was freaking awesome. I want way more of this up here – way creamy with a nice vanilla flavor.

My one pal doesn’t eat dairy, so he opted for all toppings. Sugar rush!


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