Blue Spice

After our trip to Myrtle Beach, one of our travel buddies had a birthday. His diet eliminates a lot of dairy & grains, so Blue Spice was a solid choice for dinner. We went to the “Water House” location on 1614 Central Ave in Albany, which flirts with the borders of Colonie.

Albany John opted for Larb Gai ($7), which is ground chicken tossed with what mainly tasted like tamarind & fish sauce. The flavors were unbalanced, leaning on the unpleasantly pungent side.

Albany John got the Kao Soi Noodles Curry ($12) with scallops (addl $3). He found the fried noodles a bit much and pushed them to the side. We ordered it fairly hot, but it was pretty mild. Love those scallops, though.

I went with the red curry and added scallops for an extra $3. The scallop upgrades are totally worth it here – $3 for at least 5 big diver scallops cooked to a soft perfection? I can’t not order them.

I liked the flavors of the red curry – I think the green veggie was luffa. I ordered mine hot, and it came out a bit hotter than Albany John’s curry. The heat was nicely tempered by the coconut milk. Overall, a tasty dish.

My friend made her birthday beau a flourless chickpea chocolate cake – tasty! Hilariously, Blue Spice insisted on lighting the candles themselves in the kitchen, which took about 10 minutes… Nice, but slow.


Blue Spice is a place I really need to get to more often – the are affordable, and generally have well balanced flavors. Their portions are also really reasonable – One main dish is just the right amount.


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  1. The dessert sounds really interesting! Chickpeas cancel out the chocolate cake part right?:)

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