Taiwan Noodle


Taiwan Noodle is my new favorite restaurant. What’s not to love about fresh, cheap food? Especially when they have someone come in to make har gow !

Albany John & I were biking around town when we realized it was well past dinner time, and boy were we hungry. We locked our bikes up to the light-pole in the driveway and walked on in.

Har gow & some pigs feet over lo mein for me (the lo mein comes with a soup).

Albany John got wonton noodle soup. So good, that broth.

One of the waiters was new and overfilled my water onto the floor. Maybe, MAYBE one drop got on my ankle. He was incredibly apologetic; the manager came over and was apologizing like crazy, explaining that it was the waiter’s first day, and then another waiter came over to apologize. Wow. That’s better service than I’ve gotten in a lot of higher end restaurant.


They brought over some wood ear & celery appetizer as an “apology” for the water. Whhhaat? Man, that is crazy. The wood ear were also super-soft and tender. I usually cook it so it’s still crunchy. There was a table of kids next to us talking about never having tried wood ear, so I shoved the plate in their faces and said “Did you say you wanted to try wood ear? Here, have a bite!” *wave plate*


Just a little over $15 for two big soups and an order of har gow. Now there’s a tasty dinner that won’t break the bank!

  1. Jason said:

    I’m a big fan of their har gow and shu mai, although, if they brought in a dim sum chef why can’t all or most of the dim sum be hand made. Some of the store bought ones are a disappointment.

    Their noodle soups and other entrees are fantastic. Reminds of the street food hawkers in Hong Kong.

  2. stella said:

    you have great taste in food! right up my alley. your posts are informative and entertaining. thanks.

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