Smoked Ribs at Nighthawk’s Kitchen (you wanna get some)

Know what’s better than getting food from Nighthawk’s Kitchen at the Troy Farmers Market? Having your husbear BRING you Nighthawk’s Kitchen after sleeping past noon. Man, I’m one lucky lady.

The pulled pork over egg & cheese was pretty good… but in all honesty it was easy to push aside when these are in yo’ face:

RIBS! Smoked pork rib goodness! Look at that pink rib meat from the smoke! These were juicy, just firm enough, and so perfectly flavored.

Erhmagerhhh – these ribs were so good, the mac & cheese was even unnecessary. Although my only complaint was that my better half didn’t bring me a full rack. My dad would love these – we are swinging by for ribs the next time he’s in town for sure.

They were so good that my picky little bucket of crankiness & fur came up for a few hearty sniffs.

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