Comfort Kitchen Bloggers Dinner


The Comfort Kitchen held an after hours snacking session for some local bloggers.  Many thanks to Jen for the invite! First off – location. They’re at 454 Broadway in Saratoga Springs. This is like a mini-mall. I’d never been inside before. It’s on the bottom floor.

First up were tater tots made on-site. Dude. These were awesome. Solid fry job, nicely moist & fluffy potato interior. Def get some awesome sauce with these. Yup, one of their sauces is Awesome Sauce.





Next up were black bean patties.

The chipotle mayo on here really makes this veggie burger sing. It has a ton of flavor in that one little streak, so even mayo-haters like me have to admit its deliciousness.

Non-veggie burgers up next, hee hee. Sliders – a whole tray of ’em! Comfort Kitchen gets their meat ground every two days. Rory, the owner, also goes out to market to buy his groceries – they don’t receive deliveries by truck.

Mac & Cheese, two ways. Pulled pork on the left, 4 cheese on the right. I was digging the pulled pork mac & cheese a little more than the 4 cheese. They used rotini pasta (spirals) instead of elbows – it’s a little thicker and holds the sauce better than elbow.



Ah, true love. Mac & cheese & a slider on a potato roll.

I loved, loved, loved that there was some pink to the slider. Rory says their default for burgers is medium, so just let them know if you want them cooked more or less. The grind was great – not too fine, but smaller than sausage chunks. Tons of savory flavor, too.For dessert, they made a cheeky treat – strawberry shortcake ice cream sandwiches: Rory’s nod to strawberry shortcake ice cream on a stick that we all grew up eating as kids. YES. So good, especially the crumbs made with dehydrated strawberries.
Comfort Kitchen MenuWhile your food will be prepared by incredibly good looking people, you won’t have to sacrifice your first born to eat here. Nothing on the menu is over $9. The space is basic and clean, with some Comfort Kitchen cartoons on the walls.  They’re only open for lunch (until 7 pm), and man, after seeing tacos on the menu, I think I’ve got to mosey my way back to Comfort Kitchen and give those a shot.

  1. Hey, you moved your blog and didn’t say anything beforehand! No wonder I hadn’t seen any new posts from you in weeks. … Now, where the heck is the RSS button on this new site, so I can re-add you? I can’t seem to find it anywhere.

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