Cape Cod – the first few days


Went to Cape Cod for a week with my inlaws. It was awesome. The traffic was awful there and back, but oh well. Seems we went during primo tourist season, so that is to be expected. Albany John’s family has been going there for decades as a family vacation. This was the first year I was able to tag along for the entire week, and it was glorious.

It took us a little over 1.5 hours to go the 10 miles to get to the Bourne Bridge. Ack, so much traffic.


We went to Cooke’s near Hyannis for some eats. It was crazy busy, so we got our food to go.

I got the grilled scrod, because the name sounded cool. The boiled carrots were their veggie of the day. I thought it would be unpleasant, but surprisingly, it was good. Still firm and not mushy, brought out their sweetness. Scrod is a meaty white fish. Good stuff.

The next day I went out to procure supplies for the house we rented. Went with Papa Amherst & Aunt Cali. As per usual, I do enjoy gawking about new grocery stores when I am on vacation. Shaw’s was a nice little shop.

I can’t not like a store that has clearance sugar cookies for under $3. I think I ate a dozen of these.

And they had lobsters for $4.99/lb! So good, we had them 2 nights in a row.

We stayed near the Craigville Beach in West Hyannisport. This was a great beach – had a bunch of shells you needed to walk through, but once you were about hip-height in the water it was soft and sandy. I’m not much for water, but I found myself swimming in the Atlantic a few times during this trip. The water was really warm and gentle. Other than that, I beached myself on the sand for as many days as I could. It was just. So. Relaxing. Beach. Lay. Sun. Good.

We went for ice cream at the Four Seas Ice Cream shop. It’s a cash-only, and they have a ton of homemade ice cream flavors. Homemade ice cream is a big thing on Cape Cod. It was busy inside, but the line moved quite quickly.

I went for a vanilla chai ice cream (medium $3.80). The small was only $0.30 less, but I should have gotten it, because per usual, I was unable to finish my bowl. Dang! And it was so so good. Papa Amherst’s was so good he walked on the outskirts of our group & guarded his cone fiercely.

Albany John & I took the family pooch for a walk. She is not one for heat or temps above 65F, so in order to get her to walk he had to angle his shadow over her. How spoiled is that? She seemed quite happy with the arrangement, hee hee.

Shaw’s also had this soda called Moxie, which I had to buy since I’ve never had it before. I’ll pass on it in the future. Tasted like someone put an antacid pill in a cola. Or birch beer + cola. Either way, not a fan.

Uncle Cali grilled some lobsters up, and I boiled the rest. He liked to give them a fighting chance before dispatching them with a knife.

Yes. Dinner of my dreams!

Monday marked the arrival of my sis Maka & Brother CVS. They took a MegaBus up from NYC to Hyannis, MA. It was a long ride, so we got lunch at Bangkok Kitchen.

Tom sum soup for me – could have been a bit hotter, but overall, nice flavor balance.

Pad Thai with fried tofu for Albany John. I had a bite – they really nailed the balance between sweet, savory, salty, and sour. I would definitely go here again.

Bro in law got the grilled beef salad. Nicely tart.

Sis in law Maka got the shrimp/seafood pad thai. Also really good.


And then the puzzle games started!

More of Craigville Beach. Ahh, my second home during this vacation. You can now call me Coconut Jane, because that’s about my skin color now.

Cape Codders after beaching it up all afternoon.

And another round of grilled lobsters! This family can eat!

A thing of beauty, that. 

Mama Amherst & Aunt Cali got ice cream from Smugglers – on the left is a French Vanilla Raspberry truffle concoction, which tasted more like a cheesecake flavor base with a raspberry swirl & some raspberry-filled mini chocolate cups. A little heavy handed with the chocolate cups.
On the right is… GRAPE NUTS ICE CREAM. Omg, this was SO good. I want grape nuts ice cream in my life all of the time. I need it.



Hash from Paulina Meat Market that bro-in-law sent from Chicago. Best. Hash. Evar.

And a blueberry pancake & smidge o’scrambled eggs.

Took a Tuesday Morning Tour of the Cape Cod Beer brewery. Lots of people interested in this tour, and they even gave out free samples of their 4 popular beers. I drove, so I did not imbibe, but everyone else really enjoyed it. Had a glass of their summer ale, and it was really tasty.

We also went on the Cape Cod Potato Chip Factory tour, which is pretty skippable. They don’t allow any photography, so I don’t have any pictures, but you pretty much walk down a hallway with windows into their factory and watch the “magic” happen. They had some signs up, but there was quite a line when we went, so we didn’t get a ton of time to read over them. Their gift shop was pretty sparse and the same prices you’d find retail for the few flavors they had on sale.

We had a sausage party for lupper after that.


The guys made lupper – Albany John made a cucumber salad with a balsamic reduction. Before we left, he asked if I’d be okay without any Asian food for a week. Haha. I was totes fine!


Green beans with bay leaf


Burgers on the grill

SAUSAGES from Paulina Meat Market.

Tortellini boiled in lobster stock, sausages, and veggies. Yum!


Dinner was burgers, a bit of steak, and grilled brussels sprouts and tomatoes.


The boys and Maka went out fishing one morning, so the remaining Ladies went out for some shopping & lunching at The Naked Oyster in Hyannis. This place is on the pricier end of dining, but doesn’t rush you. My New York self felt things were a little slow, but hey, this is how The Ladies Who Lunch lunch.

Stuffed clams ( a bit small and bready) and oysters. The oysters were great – they were from Barnstable, and their shells quite thin and delicate. There was a ton of brine, too. So juicy & plump. Mmm.

Mama Amherst got a cup of lobster bisque. Wow, if you order anything here, make sure it’s the lobster bisque. It tasted like a nice & toasty roux base, topped with some sherry. So rich and lobstery. Yum.

I got the Naked Oyster Salad with grilled scallops (Almost $20! Yikes!). It was okay, but man, that lobster bisque.

My cousin got the burger, which wow, looked fun!

Aunt Cali got the Fennel & Arugula salad with grilled shrimp & goat cheese. Nom.


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