Dante’s Frozen Yogurt

I dig the cat mascot that Dante’s has in their window – it’s a nice location in Troy that’s open after dinner hours (or second-dinner hours, for those of us who are so inclined). The Fro Yo’s $0.49/oz, and the flavors are plentiful. Daniel & I met up for a somewhat healthy post-dinner snack. Well, healthier than wings & beer at the Ruck, which tends to be our usual Troy hangout spot.

Overall, I like it – you can get in and out for under a $5 spot, and they take credit cards. It’s nice that Troy is getting non-bar alternatives for people to hang out in after 6 PM. And holy moly, their peanut butter frozen yogurt tastes more like peanut butter ice cream. Love.

Daniel B relives his yogurt modeling days.

Daniel’s healthy fro-yo

I have no topping control

My cup of frozen yogurt was about $4.50. I only wish they had smaller cups available – they only had these big tubs, and I think the yogurt tends to melt a little quicker when there’s more air exposed to it.

  1. The peanut butter is so good there–especially the swirl with cookies and cream (I think that’s what it was). The plain tart seemed a little off the night I was there, though.

  2. What is off about this place is the spoons. Don’t even get me started.

  3. I’ll have to try the Peanut Butter!

    We love it there, but I’m with you on the smaller cups. I know it’s so you can put more toppings in, but I’d like a smaller option too.

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